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2017 Adventure Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize $2850

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Louisiana Tourism
Reel Louisiana Video Contest

Total Prize $20,000 cash money

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Audience Awards
2017 Animation Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize $2850

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Virginia Film Office
Virginia Is For Film Lovers

Total Prize $15,000

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There are no contests currently open for voting. Please enjoy our trending films.

Trending Films

Tarryn Paul


A short mockumentary following a group of jigsaw enthusiasts as they prepare for their next competit ...

Carlos Solano

The 27 Club

Today is a big day for Roi! One of the biggest music production companies has offered him worldwide ...

Julian Clark

Overcame the Sun - Cloudy Busey

A disastrous re-entry to earth forces an astronaut to find himself. ...

Christopher Saunders

The Fall Guy

An Unconventional Lucha Rom-Com about Dai Jones, a masked Luchador who is paid to lose his fights th ...

Audience Awards

Women's Film Challenge Promo

To let your short film further the movement toward gender equality in the film industry. In this ...

Janne Schmidt


Synopsis: When Elsa is hired by a call center company, after a somewhat remarkable job interview, ...

Audience Awards

2017 Audfest Promo

Julia Balayan


Inspired by true events, 'Ophelia', tells a story of a girl, whose young love meets a tragic end. Em ...

Victor Pytko

Grandma Moses The Farmwife Painter

This is a proof-of-concept video clip that was made to accompany a crowdfunding campaign to be launc ...

Josh Real


A teenage girl is unhappy with her life. Tired of seeing her parents fighting, she runs away from ho ...

Matt Ritacco

Kickin Some Ass

Mike has returned to continue fighting his old bullies.


Isabella Richter de Medeiros

Cheers and Queers

Sasha Kar is a cheerleader at a small town high school in Anywhere, USA. When she is partnered up f ...