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2016 Wild & Green Short Films

Total Prize Value: $690

Contest Over

Apr 19, 2016 - Apr 30, 2016

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  1. BrokenSky

    Broken Sky is a short aerial-art, music video depi...

  2. The Vision Within

    The story of a group of students who travel deep i...

  3. The Island of the Black Sun

    Italian Polluted Site Sulcis-Iglesias-Guspini (Cag...

  4. A Gift for Abuelo

    A Gift for Abuelo is a poignant and beautiful tale...

  5. Moving to live

    A narrow natural corridor. A bridge uniting two wo...

  6. Elephants are wildlife. Not Entertainers.

    Across Asia, elephants are abused so that tourists...

  7. Defendant 5

    Defendant 5...

  8. The Bee Hunter

    Driving across Portland, OR with approximately 10,...

  9. Growing Good Bugs

    Fly's are not always what we think they are......

  10. Home Tips for the Environment

    Comedic short which gives you tips to use at home ...

  11. You Are What You Eat

    'You Are What You Eat' written by Formidable Veget...

  12. Controlled Burn_4K

    Description: This film documents what is known as...

  13. The Fable of the Wolf

    Wolves once roamed the U.S. before decades of slau...

  14. Plastic Planet

    Plastic is everywhere, it's forever, and it is cho...

  15. The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

    The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. It’s a species few p...

  16. the Scavengers of Mumbai

    The Scavengers of Mumbai is a film based on the in...

  17. Barrio Conquistadores Medellin Colombia

    Creating a sustainable neighborhood in Medellin, C...

  18. Let Our Planet Last

    Climate Change Music Video #LetOurPlanetLast...

Total Films: 18 • Total Votes: 705 • Total Film Views: 3,467

Audience Award Winners

Michael Snyder

The Vision Within

Andrea Arena

The Island of the Black Sun

Jury Winners

All Films in Contest

Daniel Dancer


Vote Count: 256

Michael Snyder

The Vision Within

Vote Count: 193

Andrea Arena

The Island of the Black Sun

Vote Count: 50

Gail Evenari

A Gift for Abuelo

Vote Count: 29

Marco Tessaro

Moving to live

Vote Count: 28

Nucco Brain

Elephants are wildlife. Not Entertainers.

Vote Count: 19

Heidi Douglas

Defendant 5

Vote Count: 19

Jotham Porzio

The Bee Hunter

Vote Count: 16


Growing Good Bugs

Vote Count: 15

Alexander Prieto

Home Tips for the Environment

Vote Count: 13

Charlie Mgee

You Are What You Eat

Vote Count: 12

Robert Frye

Controlled Burn_4K

Vote Count: 12

Lisa Bevier-Sakimura

The Fable of the Wolf

Vote Count: 9

Natracare Organic & Natural

Plastic Planet

Vote Count: 9

Chris Foito

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Vote Count: 7

Krsh Chawla

the Scavengers of Mumbai

Vote Count: 7

Michael Brims

Barrio Conquistadores Medellin Colombia

Vote Count: 6

Danielle Nwogu

Let Our Planet Last

Vote Count: 5