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GoDaddy Small Business Stories Video Contest Finals Round

Contest Over

Feb 21, 2017 - Feb 23, 2017

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  1. High Point Barbershop

    The success story behind a barber shop that has gr...

  2. The Veil Brewing Company

    A peek inside the start-up and success of the 3rd ...

  3. Rapid Print

    Losing your job is never easy, but for the Gaudier...


    The Paint Mart is a family owned paint store in Pe...

  5. Danceador

    Johanna Ciampa shares her story of entrepreneurshi...

  6. Tom Brophy Salon

    Tom Brophy and Jennifer Jones are the husband and ...

  7. Denver Outfitters

    The story of a small group of friends who rose fro...

  8. The Story of Gurgaon News - a small business

    Gurgaon News is a small business started with the ...

  9. Pol's Lambacheers

    In a quaint province in the Philippines, one man h...

  10. The ManeStream

    A short documentary film about a high school stude...

  11. Purple Ocean Superfood Bar

    Purple Ocean Superfood Bar is an Orlando based foo...

  12. PEP is Turning Kids into Animal Heroes

    PEP! The Pet Education Project is turning kids int...

  13. Experimac Documentary


  14. Auntie Jill's Cheesecakes

    Auntie Jill's is a small cheesecake business in Mi...

  15. Heart and Soul

    “Two tables, fork, knife. That’s it. And I foc...

  16. Behind the bar

    Two brothers recover from tragedy and endure the r...

  17. Cheapskates

    Cheapskates follows skate shop owner Ron Hale as h...

  18. Anjore Austin


  19. Wagner Custom Skis

    The right equipment can make all the difference—...

  20. Inertia Coffee Video FINAL

    Inertia Coffee Company rests in the heart of Color...

Total Films: 20 • Total Film Views: 30,681

Jury Winners

Films in Final Round

Love Affair

High Point Barbershop

Love Affair

The Veil Brewing Company

Anthony Sherritt

Tom Brophy Salon

Denver Outfitters

Denver Outfitters

Sagar Yadav

The Story of Gurgaon News - a small business

Brent Vergara

Pol's Lambacheers

Cris Karraa

The ManeStream

Sean Valdivieso

Purple Ocean Superfood Bar

Erica Falbaum

PEP is Turning Kids into Animal Heroes

Shakirah Abdul-Rashid

Experimac Documentary

Arianna Viscarra

Auntie Jill's Cheesecakes

Ben Garfield

Heart and Soul

Brett Schreckengost

Wagner Custom Skis

Kelsey Opel

Inertia Coffee Video FINAL