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Small Business Stories Video Contest

Total Prize Value: $21,500

Time Left to Vote

Randomly Selected Films in Contest

  1. Grampy Pat's Almost Famous Sourdough



    'Madame Antonieta' bursts in the colourful backsta...

  3. One Small Step for a Company - One Giant Leap for Launching Your Business

    Inventors Launchpad, headquartered in Tampa Bay, F...

  4. Cafe Divino


  5. Pol's Lambacheers

    In a quaint province in the Philippines, one man h...

  6. Change The World One Butt At A Time

    How a middle aged woman fallowed her heart and inv...

  7. Cheapskates

    Cheapskates follows skate shop owner Ron Hale as h...

  8. Owning a small business is like riding a Roller Coaster

    Profile of McCormick's Pub, a small business in Wa...

  9. Living on Faith

    43Tech creates affordable and innovative technolog...

  10. Untapped Tours Milwaukee

    The story of Untapped Tours in Milwaukee Wisconsin...

  11. StableLife_FinalDraft


  12. Danceador

    Johanna Ciampa shares her story of entrepreneurshi...

  13. Film School to Small Business

    After being rejected from FSU film school, I decid...

  14. videodrome finale

    A short informational documentary about Atlanta's ...

  15. Warren & Fenn

    Emma Warren and Haley Fenn are local artists resid...

  16. Taking it Slow - with Howard's Meat Co.

    Howard's Meat Co. is a small food business located...

  17. CafeCompleted

    “We’re all about the FRESH!” … The motto a...

  18. Angie's Beauty Supply


  19. Anjore Austin


  20. You are ready.

    We Are KURA. A local fitness community that is...

Total Films: 194 • Total Votes: 13324 • Total Film Views: 52,557

The Audience Awards Clapper
The winners of this contest will go on to compete in a final round.
Final round voting begins on Feb 21, 2017 at 12:00pm MST (America/Denver).

All Films in Contest

Erica Falbaum

PEP is Turning Kids into Animal Heroes

Vote Count: 866

Denver Outfitters

Denver Outfitters

Vote Count: 541

Sagar Yadav

The Story of Gurgaon News - a small business

Vote Count: 472

Love Affair

The Veil Brewing Company

Vote Count: 474

Colin & Ryan Productions


Vote Count: 463

Sean Valdivieso

Purple Ocean Superfood Bar

Vote Count: 443

Winn Fuqua

The Voice of Melanie Murphy

Vote Count: 436

Stephen Fisher

Rapid Print

Vote Count: 406

Anthony Sherritt

Tom Brophy Salon

Vote Count: 386

Love Affair

High Point Barbershop

Vote Count: 390

Brent Vergara

Pol's Lambacheers

Vote Count: 388

Cris Karraa

The ManeStream

Vote Count: 371

Alex Belville

Mirrorless Productions 'Childhood Dreams'

Vote Count: 345

American Legion

American Legion LeRoy Hill Post 19

Vote Count: 336

Lisa Wagner

Pure Salvage Living

Vote Count: 280

Cullen Hamblen

The Summit Hut

Vote Count: 266

Daniel Dunnam

Living on Faith

Vote Count: 246

Jason Refsland

For Her - A Small Business Story

Vote Count: 234

Mike & Dean

Semolina Artisanal Pasta

Vote Count: 237

Christy Abel

3ACT whiteboard

Vote Count: 211

Marni Epstein-Mervis

Sheldon Ceramics

Vote Count: 201

David Armet

3ACT Slide desanty promo with words

Vote Count: 198

David John

Pet's Choice Grooming & Supply - A Love Tail

Vote Count: 193

Tonya Sandis

No Time 4 Hate

Vote Count: 174

Elkin Hernández

Hermés Carnes De Res

Vote Count: 129