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Project Earth Doc Challenge Finals

Total Prize Value: $13,448

Contest Over

Apr 06, 2017 - Apr 08, 2017

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Total Films: 12 • Total Votes: 276 • Total Film Views: 4,007

Audience Award Winners

Edward King


Stani Milev

Chaseacloud FusionDocChallenge TheBulgarianSolution

Jury Winners

Stani Milev

Chaseacloud FusionDocChallenge TheBulgarianSolution

Deny Staggs

Heart of a Grizzly

All Films in Contest

Edward King


Vote Count: 147

Stani Milev

Chaseacloud FusionDocChallenge TheBulgarianSolution

Vote Count: 50

Rory Moon

Filter Feeders

Vote Count: 28

Alexander Finden

Stonefly HD

Vote Count: 9

Justin Simpkins


Vote Count: 7

Roberto Drilea

The Big Oyster

Vote Count: 6

Antony Alvarez

Sink or Swim

Vote Count: 6

Nathan Hill

Southwest Perspectives - Water

Vote Count: 6

Charles Johnson

Pacific Salmon

Vote Count: 5

Tommy Tang

Novelty of Climate Change

Vote Count: 5

Deny Staggs

Heart of a Grizzly

Vote Count: 4

David Orr

The Larger Net

Vote Count: 3