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General Pitch Category

Total Prize Value: $3,750

Contest Over

Jan 10, 2017 - Jan 17, 2017

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  1. The Ant Network - Conservation Outreach & Citizen Science

    The Ant Network is a fledgling organization with a...

  2. Farmented

    "Farmented" is a short pitch video introducing the...

  3. Hopcycle Final Pitch

    We are Hopcycle. A team looking to shake up the h...

  4. Pitch Comp


  5. Remarkable Pitch

    My name is Ryan Nisbet and I am the founder of Rem...

  6. MSU Blackstone Award

    Cowboy Cricket Farms is a woman, veteran owned com...

  7. The HOTBOX

    A short video explaining a revolutionary idea....

  8. Devotion Gyms pitch

    This is about Devotion gyms and the innovative way...

  9. Markabees

    Markabees is the first 100% biodegradable sporting...

  10. Dorsey_MSU_PowerHouses

    Having a small unit might not just be too keep you...

  11. Bridge NOW 2016


  12. StorySquares

    Story Squares is a classroom writing tool designed...

  13. EpiGuard 90 Second Pitch

    This is my Blackstone LaunchPad Pitch Competition ...

  14. VID_20170109_104508

    My pitch to start a company aimed to spread debate...

  15. YouTube Recording Studio Video Pitch

    Just like an audio recording studio, but it allows...

  16. Stephan Ginther s Video

    I could not remove the watermark, I hope that is o...

  17. Bijou Mini Dishwasher Pitch

    Bijou Is a mini dishwasher designed for college st...

Total Films: 17 • Total Votes: 2,056 • Total Film Views: 9,042

Audience Award Winners

Miles Maxcer

The Ant Network - Conservation Outreach & Citizen Science

Madeleine Godwin

Hopcycle Final Pitch

Jury Winners

All Films in Contest

Miles Maxcer

The Ant Network - Conservation Outreach & Citizen Science

Vote Count: 572

Duncan Williamson


Vote Count: 538

Madeleine Godwin

Hopcycle Final Pitch

Vote Count: 255

Francesca Townsend

Pitch Comp

Vote Count: 156

Ryan Nisbet

Remarkable Pitch

Vote Count: 132

Kathleen Rolin

MSU Blackstone Award

Vote Count: 119

Mik'haela Digan


Vote Count: 61

Jeff Bell

Devotion Gyms pitch

Vote Count: 43

Gabrielle Lewis


Vote Count: 36

Elva Dorsey


Vote Count: 21

Bridgette Novotny

Bridge NOW 2016

Vote Count: 21

Walter Funke


Vote Count: 20

Jake Lile

EpiGuard 90 Second Pitch

Vote Count: 18

Marcus Twichel


Vote Count: 17

Dustin Smith

YouTube Recording Studio Video Pitch

Vote Count: 17

Stephan Ginther

Stephan Ginther s Video

Vote Count: 16

Andre Berkland

Bijou Mini Dishwasher Pitch

Vote Count: 14