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Female Filmmakers Film Festival

Total Prize Value: $2,700

Contest Over

Mar 21, 2017 - Mar 28, 2017

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  1. Check your Mate

    A young man is challenged by his great aunt to a g...

  2. Wonders Of Love

    Wonders of Love is a testament to the power of lov...

  3. Walter

    Walter a short film, is a portrait of a troubled, ...

  4. Eyes

    A young photographer who is inspired by Edgar Alla...

  5. Null Hypothesis

    Null Hypothesis is a short about love, money, betr...

  6. Us

    Jo is an outgoing, liberated second generation Chi...

  7. The Divide

    "The Divide" is a short film based around the rece...

  8. Paige Pounces

    Paige needs a little bit of a push towards her cru...

  9. My Drug

    A story of an aerial dancer who had deep depressi...


    In the year 2057, Collette, a former mafia queen c...

  11. Fragile Beauty A Visual Journey

    "Fragile Beauty", A Visual Journey Traveling to...

  12. The Truth

    'The Truth, a Short Film' is the story of a girl o...

  13. Frame of Reference

    Logline: Classic film and misperceptions come toge...

  14. Find Me

    Find Me is a paranormal thriller about a special b...

  15. Lily Evans and the Eleventh Hour

    Lily Evans and the Eleventh Hour is a short fan fi...


    Adama, Moussa and Zeba are illegal gold miners liv...

  17. Matched

    A modern girl-meets-boy story that defies expectat...

  18. Teta

    In Teta, Alexandra Hidalgo tells the story of her ...

  19. Finding Max

    During the summer before going away to college, Ma...


    "One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in ...

  21. Letters to April

    A Mother has to place her child into care due to e...

  22. Lola wants to see the sea

    "Lola" likes to get into cars with strangers- to g...

  23. Ava

    In a distinctly British city, Ava yearns to escape...

  24. Head Space

    A single mother concerned with her son's inability...

  25. 22 Years

    After twenty-two years, Avi receives a call she ne...

  26. Exposure

    When on a promotional tour for her new movie, rumo...

  27. Guntown

    The most complicated part of open carry is figurin...

  28. Dream Lover

    A daydreamer gets an invite to an office party and...

  29. Daisy s Oracle

    Before we knew that love was a choice, we relied o...

  30. Appunt

    A woman has a date. Whit whom? Her past? Her futur...

  31. The Greedy Pig Show

    Rupert, a single father of a university aged son, ...

  32. The Cage

    Food is a reward in the cage....


    A woman wakes up in an abandoned building with a b...

  34. Little Lamb

    1829. Louisa is a convict trapped in the living he...

  35. Devadasi_NOW

    Devadasi_NOW is an experimental documentary on the...

  36. Destruction

    Destruction tells the story of a teenage girl stru...

  37. Perspective

    per·spec·tive /p?r?spektiv/ a particular att...

  38. Charlie's Gift

    A woman receives a gift from her late husband L...

  39. The D in Dating

    Dating in this modern world has led to more than o...

  40. DIGNITY SUB ENGL mpeg 2gb

    Twenty girls grow up in an orphanage called "O Viv...

  41. The Bridge

    Pono, a tenacious seven-year old Hawaiian boy, liv...

  42. Water Women

    "Water Women" tells the story of three ordinary wo...

  43. Safe Harbor

    Lani must decide whether to send David into the sa...

  44. Steps Toward Gender Balance

    In 2015, researchers reported that women comprised...

  45. Never Stop Live Version

    Never Stop Writing Love Songs. Never Stop (Live V...

  46. Defendant 5

    Defendant 5...

  47. Best before

    We can live without love? In the mood of "Comizi...

  48. Charlie

    Charlie follows the story of a man, who lives in s...

  49. lemonse17_GirlComeHome

    This short, spoken word film takes a gentle, appre...

  50. Gray Minia

    An outlandish high schooler is caught between his ...

  51. Emerald Ice Screener

    Emerald Ice Submission (Filmfreeway Tracking Numbe...


    advocating women's rights through film...

  53. Orchids Never Die Olivia Martinez de La Grange

    My film 'Orchids Never Die' deals with the mother-...

  54. Little Baryoti

    “Salomonico” was one of the most admired chara...

  55. The Man Upstairs

    A young woman takes a job as a housekeeper and bec...

  56. Polka Dott by Cynthia Pepper


  57. You're Late.

    Told through first-person POV, we experience three...

  58. The Forest Princess

    in a world, where the unknown is feared and misund...

  59. The Man in the Room

    Tracey checks in on her brother-in-law suffering f...

  60. LIMBO

    The leopard shall lie down with the goat. The wol...

  61. Families Can Be Together Forever

    Families Can Be Together Forever follows the filmm...

  62. Bison Nation-Walking Sacred Sites

    We are still here. This is our story, the story of...

  63. After Today


  64. Color FInal


  65. Family Shadows

    As a boy grows into a man, he watches his father l...


    In the chaotic 'old city' of Hyderabad, 18-year-ol...

  67. The Perfumist

    "The Perfumist" is a dramatic story highlighting t...

  68. Uncle Albert

    A dark comedy about the nuances of emotional respo...

  69. Connective_Patterns_h264_25fps_stereo_1080p kopio HD 720p

    Connective patterns dance film / documentary shows...

  70. The Wisdom Project

    A charming juxtaposition between sages of all ages...

  71. Rancho

    A young woman returns to her family's small ranch ...

  72. Dating Material

    After a night out, Penny, a perfectionist, struggl...



  74. To Empower Women The UN Conference on Women Beijing 1995

    Filmed in Beijing, China at the United Nations 4th...


    A photocopier with special talents transforms the ...

  76. The Women Who Were Never There

    Forget glass ceilings, they smashed the factory ga...


    On the evening of a father/son fishing trip, Ryan ...

  78. Once Upon A Time

    A classic love story with a twist, starring Emilee...

  79. Duelos

    A child loses his pet because it is trávelling to...

  80. Impactus_CCM

    A girl experiences frightening phenomena while rec...


    Reeling in the aftermath of her mother’s suicide...

  82. The Little Things

    A recently resettled Syrian refugee family adjusts...

  83. Northfound

    Two sisters navigate the shock of a shattering dia...

  84. The Coin

    Money has good and bad synergies, one dollar has a...

  85. Mohamed The First Name SD


  86. Soyeon Yoo_Weather or Not


  87. alter idem

    It is easy to get lost, to lose sight of oneself a...

  88. A Christmas Surprise

    A little girl learns of a devastating truth on the...

  89. Quarter Life

    Celia and Shelli embark on an adventure called "fi...


    This is a film about a woman’s right to own her ...

  91. Me and My Dog


Total Films: 91 • Total Votes: 6,719 • Total Film Views: 27,698

Audience Awards Clapper
The winners of this contest went on to compete in a final round.
View the final round results.

Preliminary Audience Award Selections

These are the audience vote winners that will proceed to the final round.

Eliza Bolsh

Check your Mate

Priyanka Patil

Wonders Of Love

Preliminary Jury Selections

These are the jury selection that will proceed to the final round.

Liv Colliander


Daniela Lobo Dias

The Perfumist

Payal Sethi


All Films in Contest

Eliza Bolsh

Check your Mate

Vote Count: 1427

Priyanka Patil

Wonders Of Love

Vote Count: 1031

Priyanka Patil


Vote Count: 945

Dani Venen


Vote Count: 346

Archita Mandal

Null Hypothesis

Vote Count: 273

Caroline Mariko Stucky


Vote Count: 186

Kim Renner

The Divide

Vote Count: 180

Aimee McGuire

Paige Pounces

Vote Count: 165

Tian Liu

My Drug

Vote Count: 107

Tamika Lee


Vote Count: 111

Wendy Stuart

Fragile Beauty A Visual Journey

Vote Count: 103

Barbara Holstein

The Truth

Vote Count: 96

Gina Rodriguez

Frame of Reference

Vote Count: 96

Kalina De Moura

Find Me

Vote Count: 85

Apple Juice Productions

Lily Evans and the Eleventh Hour

Vote Count: 95

Lucy LP


Vote Count: 86

Rachael Garcia


Vote Count: 88

Alexandra Hidalgo


Vote Count: 87

Tyler Moore

Finding Max

Vote Count: 80

Andrea Martina Isenschmid


Vote Count: 73

Amanda Brennan

Letters to April

Vote Count: 72

Natalie MacMahon

Lola wants to see the sea

Vote Count: 74

Megan Crawford


Vote Count: 71

Emma Huibregtse

Head Space

Vote Count: 63

Dawn Noel

22 Years

Vote Count: 60

Emma Moffat


Vote Count: 56

Michelle Boley


Vote Count: 49

Amie Judd

Dream Lover

Vote Count: 47

Kiea Houseton

Daisy s Oracle

Vote Count: 41

Ylenia Politano


Vote Count: 36

Adele Biraghi

The Greedy Pig Show

Vote Count: 31

Lydia Lane

The Cage

Vote Count: 32

Dianna Ippolito


Vote Count: 26

Heidi Douglas

Little Lamb

Vote Count: 24

Indrani Nayar-Gall


Vote Count: 21

Paige Irene


Vote Count: 22

Robin Green


Vote Count: 22

LaTeace Towns - Cuellar

Charlie's Gift

Vote Count: 22

Michelle Sabato

The D in Dating

Vote Count: 20

Monica Mazzitelli


Vote Count: 16

Cindy Iodice

The Bridge

Vote Count: 17

Laura Valtorta

Water Women

Vote Count: 15

Sarah Gabriel Carnick

Safe Harbor

Vote Count: 14

Angelica Wedell

Steps Toward Gender Balance

Vote Count: 14

Josephine Halbert

Never Stop Live Version

Vote Count: 13

Heidi Douglas

Defendant 5

Vote Count: 10

Ileana Zaza

Best before

Vote Count: 11

Nicole Pott


Vote Count: 10

Sarah Lemon


Vote Count: 8

Rebecca Baruch

Gray Minia

Vote Count: 7

Jesseca Simmons

Emerald Ice Screener

Vote Count: 7

Andra Roman


Vote Count: 6

Olivia Martinez de La Grange

Orchids Never Die Olivia Martinez de La Grange

Vote Count: 7

Shani Rassad

Little Baryoti

Vote Count: 7

Julian Butler

The Man Upstairs

Vote Count: 7

Cynthia Pepper

Polka Dott by Cynthia Pepper

Vote Count: 6

Ruth Isabel Guerra

You're Late.

Vote Count: 5

Gretchen Bayer

The Forest Princess

Vote Count: 5

Bonnie Harper

The Man in the Room

Vote Count: 5

Louisa Taabni


Vote Count: 4

Colleen Kelly Poplin

Families Can Be Together Forever

Vote Count: 4

Elke Duerr

Bison Nation-Walking Sacred Sites

Vote Count: 4

Lily Connor

After Today

Vote Count: 3

Emily Pietro

Color FInal

Vote Count: 4

Laura Malatos

Family Shadows

Vote Count: 4

Payal Sethi


Vote Count: 4

Daniela Lobo Dias

The Perfumist

Vote Count: 4

Summer Blake

Uncle Albert

Vote Count: 4

Sari Palmgren

Connective_Patterns_h264_25fps_stereo_1080p kopio HD 720p

Vote Count: 3

Amy Rosenthal

The Wisdom Project

Vote Count: 2

Delete Delete


Vote Count: 3

Erica Lyn MacLeod

Dating Material

Vote Count: 2

Elza Zagreda


Vote Count: 3

Margot Smith

To Empower Women The UN Conference on Women Beijing 1995

Vote Count: 3

Kingsley Hoskins


Vote Count: 3

Jill Hickson

The Women Who Were Never There

Vote Count: 2

Angela Criscoe


Vote Count: 2

Dorian Murphy

Once Upon A Time

Vote Count: 2

Yolanda Román


Vote Count: 2

Kathryn Moeller


Vote Count: 2

Liv Colliander


Vote Count: 2

Colleen Cassingham

The Little Things

Vote Count: 2

Dana Shihadah


Vote Count: 2

Canan Dönmez

The Coin

Vote Count: 2


Mohamed The First Name SD

Vote Count: 2

Soyeon Yoo

Soyeon Yoo_Weather or Not

Vote Count: 1

Kim Karpanty

alter idem

Vote Count: 1

Sarah Lew

A Christmas Surprise

Vote Count: 1

Celia Quillian

Quarter Life

Vote Count: 1

Rina Gluckman


Vote Count: 1

Soyeon Yoo

Me and My Dog

Vote Count: 1