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Faith And Spirituality Video Contest

Total Prize Value: $300

Contest Over

Dec 02, 2014 - Dec 16, 2014

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  1. Everything is Incredible

    Agustin, a Honduran man who despite being severely...

  2. I Am Spirit

    You are more than your body, your career and cloth...

  3. The Wish Book

    The Wish Book is a short film from a series shot ...

  4. The Rebel, The Soldier And The Outcast

    A dark, cautionary Christmas tale. Based around th...

  5. BINKY

    When a troubled woman is questioned by a seemingly...

  6. New Day

    In Croatia people with intellectual disabilities a...

  7. The Confluence

    A learned historian walks us through the enchantin...

  8. God is Love

    Two men from Al Ain, UAE steal some cash and, afte...

  9. Last Minutes With Oden

    Jason Wood reflecting on his time with his dog Ode...

  10. Breathing Underwater

    Inspired by an unpublished, private poem written b...

Total Films: 10 • Total Votes: 1,400 • Total Film Views: 2,343

Audience Award Winners

Tyler Bastian

Everything is Incredible

All Films in Contest

Tyler Bastian

Everything is Incredible

Vote Count: 370

Joey Papa

I Am Spirit

Vote Count: 343

Courtney Bird Ziegler

The Wish Book

Vote Count: 256

Andrew Pengilley

The Rebel, The Soldier And The Outcast

Vote Count: 194

Stephen Brooks


Vote Count: 78

Tomislav Zaja

New Day

Vote Count: 60

Shan Tanu

The Confluence

Vote Count: 55

James Miller

God is Love

Vote Count: 44

Henry Kaplan

Last Minutes With Oden

Vote Count: 0

Henry Kaplan

Breathing Underwater

Vote Count: 0