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Show Us Your Funny Comedy Short Video Contest

Total Prize Value: $300

Contest Over

Sep 23, 2014 - Oct 07, 2014

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  1. That's Not Mine

    A teen is interrogated by his parents about a bag ...

  2. Chairhunting with David Attenborough

    Long considered Russia's greatest resource, the ma...

  3. Gratitude

    A young woman must deal with her overbearing and d...

  4. Sturgeon's Law

    The post-Apocalypse was supposed to be way cooler....

  5. I`ll be right back

    Francis has felt a bit on the outside his whole li...

  6. Behind Clouds

    An alien seeks the help of a shy teenager to help ...

  7. Call Me Madame

    Madame is a washed-up film star trying desperately...

  8. Buddy's Girlfriend

    Buddy meets his girlfriend...

Total Films: 8 • Total Votes: 1,152 • Total Film Views: 4,257

Audience Award Winners

John Tuccillo

That's Not Mine

All Films in Contest

John Tuccillo

That's Not Mine

Vote Count: 567

Emma Rock

Chairhunting with David Attenborough

Vote Count: 532

Marty Krzywonos


Vote Count: 19

Joe Carey

Sturgeon's Law

Vote Count: 18

Ina Dhaenens

I`ll be right back

Vote Count: 5

Alec Tucker

Behind Clouds

Vote Count: 5

Kevin McGuiness

Call Me Madame

Vote Count: 4

Jose Escamilla

Buddy's Girlfriend

Vote Count: 2