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Comedy Shorts Video Contest

Total Prize Value: $500

Contest Over

Sep 08, 2015 - Sep 17, 2015

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  1. The White Spruce

    It's Christmas Eve and Guy is working the last shi...

  2. Little Man of Steel

    Lois discovers the hardest part about dating Clark...

  3. Bed Bugs & Company

    A bed bug inspector infests New Yorkers' apartment...

  4. Advertisements

    Three advertisements presenting novel concepts fro...

  5. Dream Recruits

    Struggling college art school recruiter Scott Kim ...

  6. Two Old Boys

    Steve, a businessman in his fifties, who is tricke...

  7. The push

    A married couple, consisting of an aggressive news...


    A depressed college student finds a wooden top tha...

  9. The Box

    How far will one man go to win Kenny G tickets? A ...

  10. RINGO

    RINGO is a dark comedy about a lonely middle-aged ...

  11. Le Mime Chantant

    A young girl in a family of mimes dreams of a new ...

  12. Murphy

    Everything that can go wrong does, for one very un...

  13. Death's (Man)date

    Henry Miles, an average Joe financial advisor, is ...

  14. The Hand Job

    A human resources manager gets the surprise of his...

  15. The Outreach

    The Outreach is a web series about Essie, who join...

  16. Placebo

    After Daniel self-diagnoses himself with depressio...

  17. The I.T. Guy

    The story of the emotional struggle between two lo...

  18. Father Knows Best

    A comedy about Mr. Zhang, a middle-aged Chinese im...

Total Films: 18 • Total Votes: 769 • Total Film Views: 2,577

All Films in Contest

Chris Vaglio

The White Spruce

Vote Count: 191

Larry Ziegelman

Little Man of Steel

Vote Count: 175

Serena Dykman

Bed Bugs & Company

Vote Count: 78

Devin Diazoni


Vote Count: 71

Colby Neal

Dream Recruits

Vote Count: 61

Rui Cui

Two Old Boys

Vote Count: 28

Alexey Naumov

The push

Vote Count: 25

Hadley Hillel


Vote Count: 22

Stephen Baker

The Box

Vote Count: 20

Yaara S


Vote Count: 16

Dexter Gardner

Le Mime Chantant

Vote Count: 14

Apoorva Charan


Vote Count: 13

Rick Joaquim

Death's (Man)date

Vote Count: 12

Hart Perez

The Hand Job

Vote Count: 11

Stefan Hartmann

The Outreach

Vote Count: 11

Alex Campbell


Vote Count: 9

Jared Wardlaw

The I.T. Guy

Vote Count: 6

Rui Cui

Father Knows Best

Vote Count: 6