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Cat Vs. Griz

Total Prize Value: $1,500

Contest Over

Jun 16, 2014 - Jun 30, 2014

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Total Films: 26 • Total Votes: 2,489 • Total Film Views: 10,470

Audience Award Winners

All Films in Contest

Hans Glasmann


Vote Count: 1052

Daniel Molloy

Closed Door Open

Vote Count: 255

Tom Stagg


Vote Count: 166

Erin Hale


Vote Count: 154

Tessla Hastings

Reel View

Vote Count: 125

Abigail Ita

American Honey

Vote Count: 74

Ren Mackey


Vote Count: 70

Rachel Stevens

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Gin

Vote Count: 67

Robert Eastman

Inspire Me

Vote Count: 56

Brock Forrette


Vote Count: 50

Roshan Patel


Vote Count: 45

Matthew Wheat

Searching For Colors

Vote Count: 41

Jon Baker


Vote Count: 41

Maxwell Barnum

Distracted: Eyes Off The Road

Vote Count: 37

LeRoy Menahan

Your Savior

Vote Count: 35

Caitlin Bailey

Gym Germs: From Rags to Petri Dishes

Vote Count: 32

Brett Kuxhausen

The Power to Print

Vote Count: 26

Jake Reul

Last Fish

Vote Count: 23

Lindsay Hadfield

Microtia: My Family Story

Vote Count: 22

Sarah Moody

No Lattes in Lift Lines

Vote Count: 22

Zuzana Gedeon

Beating Batten

Vote Count: 22

Laurence Alexander


Vote Count: 22

Dylan Kotecki

9 to 5

Vote Count: 20

Jared Iler

Home Waters

Vote Count: 15

Lillie Grace


Vote Count: 10

Tess Langston

Legend Catcher

Vote Count: 7