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Best Of Fest

Total Prize Value: $30,549

Contest Over

Apr 03, 2017 - Apr 08, 2017

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  1. The Scared One

    From his window, a child watches his father placin...

  2. What You Gotta Do

    Blessed and cursed with an extraordinary ability, ...

  3. Beyond the Six Chapter 1

    Powerlifter Ken Bray is invited to compete in The ...

  4. Kickin' Some Ass

    This is a story about Mike. Hes on a mission to tr...

  5. Above All Else

    In 1992, professional skydiver Dan Brodsky-Chenfel...

  6. I - EMME

    Vittorio is a child with a difficult childhood and...

  7. Illegal Aliens

    Illegal Aliens - Due to the recent arrival of undo...

  8. Accident

    Sarah's family gathering is a success...until her ...

  9. Brasileiras

    From the earliest times, society have depreciated ...


    A happy couple reveals their secret to success....

  11. What Separates Us - Feature Film

    What Separates Us follows Danny as he faces the ra...

  12. channel 199

    It is a song about a South African girl who like s...

  13. The Scrooge Mystery

    A feature documentary about famous Duck artist Don...

  14. The Girl in the Green Dress

    A surreal drama set in the conservative world of A...

  15. The Vision Within


  16. 37problems crowdfunding4

    37 PROBLEMS is a comedy web series about a struggl...

  17. Prego

    The Unexpected Consequence of a One-Night Stand - ...

  18. The Dog That Follows Death

    The Dog That Follows Death is short animated story...

  19. Tammi Macs Bag Lady FOULBALL

    In this episode of "Tammi Mac's Bag Lady", the bag...

  20. Delta Dawn

    The Colorado River hasn't kissed the sea in almost...

  21. Brainsick the Hammer Killer

    A short horror film in the vein of classic 80's sl...

  22. The Apocalypse

    4 uninspired friends try to come up with a terrifi...

  23. Conundrum Teaser

    A man tries to regain the affection of a college s...

  24. Adventure Unknown

    Alexa Score grew up on Green Lake in Spicer, Minne...

  25. KOOKIE

    Bree, a dishonest 9-year-old receives a terrifying...

  26. Little Bird

    In 2006, during rehearsals for a film, I was fortu...


    Life in tent encampments, vehicles, motels, and st...

  28. Riverment Film

    As Civil Rights activists, Maureen and her husband...

  29. Project Vyrus

    "Project Vyrus" is a fantasy adventure focused on ...

  30. Bear Fruit

    After loosing a bet to his female friend, MARCUS, ...

  31. App for Life

    The year is 2060. Samantha (Vanessa Russell) works...

  32. Defendant 5

    Defendant 5...

  33. The Bee Hunter

    Driving across Portland, OR with approximately 10,...

  34. WILSON

    Wilson is very good at decision-making in daily li...

  35. Universal Language - A travel dance series

    There are roughly 7 billion people on earth who ar...

  36. Borneo s Heart of Darkness

    A short film made while traveling in Indonesian Bo...

  37. The Toymaker

    The Toymaker is the life of the Venezuelan folk ar...

  38. We The Roses Snippet

    "We the Roses" is documentary styled film depictin...

  39. The Reacharound

    Someone tries to change the channel....


    Jang o Sol (War & Peace) is a fantasy music...

  41. Dear Tom

    Sometimes, fate is like a small sandstorm that ...

  42. sisters


    When a lighthearted office prank goes a little p...

  44. Heroes of Color - Ep.1

    An educational, award winning illustrated video se...

  45. Babraham Lincoln - DFP

    Superman has a rough night....

  46. Cloudrise

    Set in a fantasy world above the clouds, Cloudrise...

  47. BrokenSky

    Broken Sky is a short aerial-art, music video depi...

  48. The Passage

    In a gritty surrounding, after the world has falle...


    Four highly trained operatives risking their lives...


    This is the race between two friends, two brothers...

  51. Seamless Love Compressed

    A single dinner order leads to the downfall of one...

  52. The Door

    As the world around them crumbles to an end, these...

  53. The Yard

    The film follows the separate stories of two injur...

  54. Rishi Gandhi Muay Thai Nation pitch

    Muay Thai Nation follows Greg Melia, a native of Y...

  55. My Single Married Friend - Web Series Pilot Episode

    This will be the first Web Series comedy made by f...

  56. People Of Coffee

    Every morning 2,5 billion people around the world,...


    Making hats has always been Anna's passion. Someth...

  58. Hard Reset - Official Trailer

    Hard Reset follows a young detective who must deci...

  59. No Sunday West Of Newton Trailer

    We are currently wrapping up post production on ou...

  60. Eyes

    A young photographer who is inspired by Edgar Alla...

  61. More Than Music

    Abbey Cone, a 17-year-old Texas girl, grew up with...


    In a house in the middle of nowhere, Jason made th...

  63. Survivors Anonymous


  64. Kroger's Canteen

    In 2014, Kilian Jornet won the Hard Rock 100 mile ...


    Happi is “super-flat” 2D motion graphic animat...

  66. The Dream Woman

    During a business trip a bored businessman notices...

  67. Which Witch is Which

    Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First" meets the Sa...

  68. Life On Mars

    Life On Mars takes a unique perspective as a show-...


    A tired and grumpy space garbage man happens upon ...

  70. Rabbit Blood

    Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish ...

  71. Brother Valentine HD

    Hi, My name is Tim Rundel (Auburn, CA) and my f...

  72. The Little Things

    A recently resettled Syrian refugee family adjusts...

  73. STOP

    A young man's livelihood is put to the test whe...

  74. The Island of the Black Sun

    Italian Polluted Site Sulcis-Iglesias-Guspini (Cag...

  75. Moving to live

    A narrow natural corridor. A bridge uniting two wo...

  76. Viceroy

    Viceroy follows the story of two estranged half-br...

  77. The Edge Bruce Anderson Natural Humanship

    The Edge is a documentary that details the work of...

Total Films: 77 • Total Votes: 1,156 • Total Film Views: 102,540

Audience Award Winners

All Films in Contest

Romain et Thibault Lafargue

The Scared One

Vote Count: 276

Michael Albright

What You Gotta Do

Vote Count: 249

Ken Bray

Beyond the Six Chapter 1

Vote Count: 216

Matt Ritacco

Kickin' Some Ass

Vote Count: 76

Yali Sharon

Above All Else

Vote Count: 76

Alberto Mosca


Vote Count: 66

Kristin Schaack

Illegal Aliens

Vote Count: 51

Ava Tong


Vote Count: 36

Anna Carolina Moraes


Vote Count: 11

Kelsey Nash


Vote Count: 7

William Piotrowski

What Separates Us - Feature Film

Vote Count: 7

Zita Olinger

channel 199

Vote Count: 5

Morgann Gicquel

The Scrooge Mystery

Vote Count: 5

Sara Fletcher

The Girl in the Green Dress

Vote Count: 5

Michael Snyder

The Vision Within

Vote Count: 4

Lisa Ebersole

37problems crowdfunding4

Vote Count: 4

Jonathan Campbell

The Dog That Follows Death

Vote Count: 4

Tammi Mac

Tammi Macs Bag Lady FOULBALL

Vote Count: 4

Claude DeMoss

Delta Dawn

Vote Count: 3

Brock Grossl

Brainsick the Hammer Killer

Vote Count: 3

Andrew Zuchero

The Apocalypse

Vote Count: 3

Christopher Eppes

Conundrum Teaser

Vote Count: 3

Dana Johnson

Adventure Unknown

Vote Count: 2

Justin Harding


Vote Count: 2

Georgia Oakley

Little Bird

Vote Count: 2

Adam Becker


Vote Count: 2

Shayla Racquel Spann

Riverment Film

Vote Count: 2

Christopher Sunga

Project Vyrus

Vote Count: 2

Emeka Mbadiwe

Bear Fruit

Vote Count: 2

Luke Tedder

App for Life

Vote Count: 2

Heidi Douglas

Defendant 5

Vote Count: 2

Jotham Porzio

The Bee Hunter

Vote Count: 2

Thomas Scohy


Vote Count: 1

Nathan Mikita

Universal Language - A travel dance series

Vote Count: 1

Mike Deeter

Borneo s Heart of Darkness

Vote Count: 1

Oscar Quintero

The Toymaker

Vote Count: 1

Branford Parker

We The Roses Snippet

Vote Count: 1

Business Lunch Productions

The Reacharound

Vote Count: 1

Sylvia Basleh


Vote Count: 1

David Tembleque

Dear Tom

Vote Count: 1

David Chontos


Vote Count: 1

Monica Hyde


Vote Count: 1

David Heredia

Heroes of Color - Ep.1

Vote Count: 1

Jordan Wills

Babraham Lincoln - DFP

Vote Count: 1

Denver Jackson


Vote Count: 1

Daniel Dancer


Vote Count: 1

Samuel Lardner

The Passage

Vote Count: 1

Joseph Torrez


Vote Count: 1

Mikaël Vecchio


Vote Count: 1

Danielle Orbach

Seamless Love Compressed

Vote Count: 1

Richard Mone

The Door

Vote Count: 0

Rishi Gandhi Muay Thai Nation pitch

Vote Count: 0

Estefania Sierra

My Single Married Friend - Web Series Pilot Episode

Vote Count: 0

Aydan Onder

People Of Coffee

Vote Count: 0

Silvia Cremaschi


Vote Count: 0

Deepak Chetty

Hard Reset - Official Trailer

Vote Count: 0

Spencer Cameron

No Sunday West Of Newton Trailer

Vote Count: 0

Annabel Thorpe

More Than Music

Vote Count: 0



Vote Count: 0

Sam Falco

Survivors Anonymous

Vote Count: 0

The African Attachment

Kroger's Canteen

Vote Count: 0

Maria Gabriela Chavez Mosquera


Vote Count: 0

Ernesto Del Gesso

The Dream Woman

Vote Count: 0

Allison Frasca

Which Witch is Which

Vote Count: 0

Andie Isaacs

Life On Mars

Vote Count: 0


Vote Count: 0

Yagmur Altan

Rabbit Blood

Vote Count: 0

Tim Rundel

Brother Valentine HD

Vote Count: 0

Colleen Cassingham

The Little Things

Vote Count: 0

Reinaldo Green


Vote Count: 0

Andrea Arena

The Island of the Black Sun

Vote Count: 0

Marco Tessaro

Moving to live

Vote Count: 0

Julianne Neal

The Edge Bruce Anderson Natural Humanship

Vote Count: 0