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AudFest Experimental Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize Value: $4,296

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Randomly Selected Films in Contest

  1. The Swan Girl

    When an artist is mysteriously held captive in ...

  2. CABIN

    ?CÄBIN "The Story" follows a young man on his jou...

  3. Fried Barry

    Fried Barry is a heroin junkie, that spends his...

  4. where we live

    A fine-art home movie. Made with 8mm film, Super 8...

  5. Flats

    Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn Shot, Directed, Edited b...

  6. Bag of Ants

    Music Written By Macaila Eve Backing Vocals and gu...

  7. Tokens and Penalties

    A performance for camera meditation on faith pract...

  8. Prospector

    Experiments in 19th century acculturation of two g...

  9. Chicken Whatcha Gonna Do

    An emotional and absurdist journey through song qu...

  10. Girasoles


  11. Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra & Ashleigh Djokic - Birdnest Hair

    ‘Birdnest Hair’ is a playful and sonically exu...

  12. Mission_ Apo11o_FR_1920x1080_24p_sound_5_1_MP4

    3 men on the way to the moon .... one would have d...

  13. Soramimi

    Soramimi taps in to the rhythms of the forest. ...

  14. Brunch in the Hidden Garden

    A mysterious urban garden is the venue of a sumptu...

  15. Scoot - Daniel Frater

    Daniel Frater, a rising star with talent beyond hi...

  16. Innombrable

    Quintuple exposure of the City of Buenos Aires pun...

  17. Just Sit

    This very short film depicts part of the experienc...

  18. Dissolved on the Tongue

    Images of street signs superimposed on images of t...

  19. Them & Us

    ‘Them & Us’ is about the tension and struc...

  20. San Guerrero

    A short doc about an expat living in Buenos Aires ...

Total Films: 20 • Total Votes: 342 • Total Film Views: 1,079

Audience Awards Clapper
The winners of this contest will go on to compete in a final round.
Final round voting begins on Oct 17, 2017 at 12:00pm MDT (America/Denver).

All Films in Contest



Vote Count: 121

Daniel Hopkins

Them & Us

Vote Count: 56

Daisy Dickinson


Vote Count: 45

Dan Mouer

Just Sit

Vote Count: 12

Ryan Kruger

Fried Barry

Vote Count: 10

Talena Sanders

Tokens and Penalties

Vote Count: 9

Jeff Zorrilla


Vote Count: 9

Jeff Zorrilla

San Guerrero

Vote Count: 8

Dan Mouer

Brunch in the Hidden Garden

Vote Count: 7

Dan Mouer

where we live

Vote Count: 7

Talena Sanders


Vote Count: 7

Jesse Ward

Bag of Ants

Vote Count: 7

Jeff Zorrilla

Dissolved on the Tongue

Vote Count: 6

Talena Sanders


Vote Count: 6

Daniel Jenny

Mission_ Apo11o_FR_1920x1080_24p_sound_5_1_MP4

Vote Count: 6

Johnny Coffeen

The Swan Girl

Vote Count: 6

Jeff Zorrilla


Vote Count: 5

Matt Hsu

Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra & Ashleigh Djokic - Birdnest Hair

Vote Count: 5

Joel Levinson

Chicken Whatcha Gonna Do

Vote Count: 5

Max Paterson

Scoot - Daniel Frater

Vote Count: 5