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Arizona Short Film Showcase

Total Prize Value: $600

Contest Over

Aug 18, 2015 - Aug 27, 2015

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  1. A Life of Your Choosing

    The life of a dog, in his own perspective, and a m...

  2. Tommy

    A young boy is terrorized by a closet monster that...

  3. Creamen

    “Creamen”- taken from the latin word crimen, m...

  4. 'Til Death

    A modern day fairytale about a young boy who loses...

  5. Dotty

    On her bed in a run-down nursing home, Dotty is de...

  6. Impact A Boxer's Story

  7. Maintenance Required

    When Nappy, an overprotected simpleton in his 40's...

  8. The Talk

    A couple tells their teenage son that they are get...

  9. Whence Cometh Evil

    We need to change society. But society doesn't nee...

Total Films: 9 • Total Votes: 441 • Total Film Views: 752

Audience Award Winners

All Films in Contest

Miles Levin

A Life of Your Choosing

Vote Count: 154

Alex Beaver


Vote Count: 50

Esther Casas Roura


Vote Count: 49

Connor Gaston

'Til Death

Vote Count: 46

Mick Andrews


Vote Count: 39

Keith Rivers

Impact A Boxer's Story

Vote Count: 33


Maintenance Required

Vote Count: 28

Hadley Hillel

The Talk

Vote Count: 24

Kendall Christianson

Whence Cometh Evil

Vote Count: 18