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2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize Value: Camera + Digital Distribution

Contest Over

Jun 11, 2019 - Jun 18, 2019

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  1. Red Lipstick - Batom Vermelho

    The lonely man who serves his routine in a metr...

  2. The Way You Treat Me

    A QUEER and a disability person share the same hou...


    Four young descendants of blacks, Japanese, Ind...

  4. Authentic Self

    A transgender is discriminated at work, but, with ...

  5. Je N'ai Pas Dit

    Je N'ai Pas Dit (I Didn't Say) tells the story ...

  6. Fruit Drop

    A kid-friendly depiction of habits, coping mech...


    Colombia, 2017. A soldier has an intimate moment i...

  8. Famous Last Words

    Surrounded by guards and about to die, two dash...

  9. We Are Here

    This film follows some of the members of the Manch...

  10. Conversations In A Coffee Shop

    Stories are everywhere: at the park, on the beach,...

  11. Crown

    Dating in the new millennium is horrendous. Someti...

  12. Ordinary love

    "Ordinary love" is a short film created in Japa...

  13. Turning Queer

    Cuirizando is a cinéma vérité documentary about...

  14. Burned Out

    An LGBT drama about revenge, "Burned Out" is a ...

  15. Genuine

    A slice of life short about an evening in a lesbia...

  16. I lost you in the subway

    Emotions and sensations in a delirious, feveris...

  17. Lipstick di Pierluigi Glionna - Roma Film Academy

    Giuseppe and Antonio two young boys struggling ...

  18. The Divine; a Tale of Love, Murder, & Meatloaf

  19. Curious

    ..Who said, "Curiosity Killed the Cat?" Felicia Ry...

  20. Life Unpredictable

    Waking up in bed next to a man young enough to be ...

  21. Te quero, te amo, te espero

    This film has a version with subtitles in https...

  22. Pretty Dudes - The Double Entendre

    Two moments from the PRETTY DUDES universe. In ...

  23. Poem

    A poem dedicated to all the women around the wo...

  24. I am

    The film explores the issues faced by the LGBTQ...

  25. Trans Manifest

    This documentary aims to show the human and pro...

  26. How Did You Know

    How Did You Know? 'How Did You Know?' is a collec...

  27. YOU

    Kristen is a photographer who is opening her first...

  28. Gay, Straight, Whatever.

    A look into what its like discovering your queer i...

  29. Proud to Love

    Proud to love just made it made it's North America...

  30. Detached

    Have you ever felt detached? ...

  31. Eyes

    An experimental film about six different people wi...


    Screwdriver is about a young gay student, Michael,...

  33. Love at Last Sight

    A not so generic love story. Director - Tatum G...

  34. Conversation

    "A young man and his friend discuss relationship s...

  35. Rosita

    Rosita is the bittersweet story of José and An...


    ‘Chithrangada’ is the debut independent sho...

  37. Muttersprache

    In the backdrop of the AIDS Crisis, Henry finds hi...

  38. QueerBoy Begins

    Joss must figure out who is killing gay men around...

  39. The House That Ed Built

    A loose telling of filmmaker Ed Wood during his tr...

  40. Nocturnal Deconstruction

    The pharmaceutical industry creates Trupan, a medi...


    I shot and directed this love story in New Orleans...

  42. lúbtha - queer

    CAST Fintan - Oliver Scullion Séamus - Josh Hega...


    The film is about the journey undertaken by a dive...

  44. Uli Midnight Show

    Miniskirt, glitter, wigs, make up and high heel il...

  45. TAWAIQ

    This short film talks about the steadfastness of t...

  46. COZMO

    "Cozmo" – Animated Short Film by Ilhan Soydemir,...

  47. An Iraqi Belly Dancer

    In Iraq a family is like a tribe," says Hakim, ...

  48. Pixie My Love

    Whenever Muffin finds herself in the presence o...

  49. LUBER

    In the short comedy, "Luber", a single, awkward bu...

  50. Nigel the Plonker


  51. Other Way

    What if there is another way to live?! What if ...

  52. Tell Me How - Short Film

    When Matt leads on a Damien romantically, Damien a...

  53. mason

    "mason" is a short documentary about an emerging p...

  54. Story Of A Night

    A religious functionary in his 40’s, serving ...

  55. i do

    She is #alone #bored #unhappy #todayisaday...

  56. About a Butterfly and Its Cocoon, by R.B. Lima

    When I was born they dressed me in blue and said I...

  57. Prom Queens

    A girl who does not want to be at the school dance...

  58. Bre's Company

    When a couple decides to let another woman into...

  59. Birds of a Feather - Dann Parry

    ‘Birds of a Feather’ is an animated short film...

  60. Radio City Lounge

    In Utah, it's never been easy to be gay or have a ...

  61. Love Undivided

    Love Undivided explores the perspectives of three ...

  62. The Brunswick Four Minus One

    In August of 2014, Egale launched the #HearOurStor...

  63. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Ícaro arrives in another city to work as a telema...

  64. A Piece Of Hope

    One day at dawn, Ridwan (38) the mosque keeper, is...

  65. Take Me Out

    Two boys sneak out of their houses and spend a ten...

  66. The Closet

    Found Footage: Perversion for Profit (1964) archiv...

  67. Nicknamed the Devil

    The mayor of the city is going to become the Pr...


    A story of betrayal, husband and wife, wife and lo...

  69. Lo To Singing

    A documentary about "Lo To Sai Gon Tan Thoi" - a b...

  70. A Sunday Kind of Love

    A Sunday Kind of Love written and directed by m...

  71. AURORA

    I'm a young Portuguese director and this was my fi...

  72. Distance

    Chris has a boyfriend. Chris is not out to his fam...

  73. Reset

    Pato, a 13 year old boy, wants his older brother M...

  74. Sisters

    "Sisters" is a Chapman University undergraduate th...

  75. Spring Roll

    The sudden disappear of his boyfriend made Ming wo...

  76. The Sunset Through the Blinds

    Holding on and letting go....

  77. Dust

    A person grapples with their spirituality....

  78. Sherlock Holmes the Adventure of the Furtive Festivity

    You're invited to the most exclusive event in all ...

  79. I Surrender - Gay Coming-of-Age Film

    Torn between his faith and his identity, a young C...

  80. The Marriage License

    Derrick and his fiance Ryan go to the County Court...

  81. GENDER 5TH GEAR... 20 & BACK

    I shot it. I star in it. I did the music. I mad...

  82. Gonna Sip That Sip Hit That Dip. The Emerging Queer Hip Hop Movement

    This is a short documentary about an emerging scen...

  83. Labels

  84. Metaphor


  85. 22 - The Short Film

    After the tragic loss of his father, an anxious yo...

  86. I'm a Delusion

    Makeup. Dreams and champagne. Everything is put to...

  87. My Name Is Leelah

    Dedicated to Leelah Alcorn, a young transgender wo...

  88. Bloved


  89. The Kiffness ft Tawanna Shaunte - You Say You Love Me

    Nominated for Video of the Year 2017 - South Af...

  90. Lace

    A young transvestite tries to hide the fact tha...

  91. AZAR


  92. Screen Righter

    A young woman rushes to her love, but the two woma...

  93. I Am Me

    I Am Me, is a story about my life. Finding myself ...

  94. Sperm Friends

    SPERM FRIENDS is an argentinian LGBT comedy abo...

  95. Adoración, Adoración, Adoración

    After the elections of 2018 in Brazil, LGBT people...

  96. BONJOUR_MADAME_English subtitles

    A man chooses to lead a couple's life alone, givin...

  97. Without Wanting

    Video Description: I can't remember. Why can't I r...

  98. The Choice



    Starring Elisa Carrera Fumagalli, Denise Brambilla...

  100. Her Story_nairita thakurata

    Her-Story is a short documentary film made using ...

  101. Pretty Man

    A cross-dressed man is preparing himself in an ...

  102. The story of Bisi Alimi, The only gay in Nigeria

    The life story of Bisi Alimi, who went from being ...

  103. Purple


  104. My Little Princess Hathaison Gerdprasert


  105. Allison

    Allison is about a father who is going through a g...

  106. Always

    A short, dramatic film, ALWAYS follows Camden as s...

  107. Half A Year


  108. PROMISE 2019

    My name is Hector A. Garcia and I'm the writer/dir...

  109. My Own Place

    The story of Whitney, growing up in the Bible Belt...

  110. Appearances

    A college freshman struggles to come out to her re...

  111. What Is Love

    This film couldn't have been made without the ...

  112. The Connection

    Jodi is fairly young somewhat confident woman aspi...

  113. Drag Mother

    A drag queen grapples with the terminal cancer of ...

  114. Becoming Donna Slash

    Donna Slash details her growth in Washington DC's ...

  115. Mixed Boy Joy - Episode 7 - I'm Not A Racist

    ordan Clark, a lost biracial college student, is n...

  116. The Marriage

    Today is the most important day in the lives of Su...

  117. Love for brunch By The Wanted Mind LGBTQ film

    Anna went out last night and fell in love with Sil...

  118. THe life is movie


  119. Kid fish

    Hugo, a shy teenager, has a sexual relationship wi...

  120. StarCrossed Before the Storm

    Kira is forced to reveal the truth about hersel...

  121. Friends


  122. Him

    A lonely uninspiring young man in his mid-20s has ...

  123. Penance

    Millennials usurp their conversion therapy class a...

  124. Cubs World Series Short film

    It's the Cubs winning the world series in 2016,...

  125. Between Love

    A father and daughter struggle to maintain their r...

  126. JOHNNY_SHR_HD 1_25FPS_FR EN_2TrkNF_H264_20180914


  127. 14.02

    A popular Toronto comedian has a Valentine date wh...

  128. Mom Has Nothing on Trixie

    As a senior studying Film and Spanish at Penn Stat...

  129. The Kid Who Drowned at Summer Camp

    written, directed, animated by Marianna Hersko

  130. Shall We Dance

    Hanni and Ziyou have a crush on one another that r...

  131. The Water Tower

    Audrey is searching, searching for treasure, for h...

  132. Chaos Toad

    I was the producer of this film. The writer, direc...

  133. The Breakup

    A satirical black comedy that looks at the complex...

  134. Memories

    After suffering a great trauma, Juliana finds hers...

  135. Circular

    Circular is a shoe string budget short film made i...

  136. Annisa

    I wrote the film on July, 2018 and finished the fi...

  137. Flunking Fabulous

    "Flunking Fabulous" is a no-budget, improvised sho...

  138. Meet Up

    With the promise of weed and a "good time," an ...

  139. Bi lis Negra

    Two body snatchers try to rob a body from a morgue...

  140. Ardha

    The film reflects on a person's endeavor to not on...

  141. MONTATO FILM_master ENG_h264

    The documentary film "L'Africano" is a tribute to ...

  142. The Stories We Tell Ourselves


  143. Jerome

    A dysfunctional family try having a normal conv...

  144. Mahlzeit DINNER english subtitles

    A shortfilm about a family conflict. The first bo...

  145. Behind The Status Update

    I filmed, edited and starred in this short I shot ...

  146. Todd Glass for GLSEN - Emmy-winning PSA

    Emmy-winning PSA starring standup comic Todd Gl...

  147. The Heirs

    Vicente, a 14-year-old boy, goes through the subur...

  148. CANDY


  149. Theory of EVAluation

    "Acting is a hard gig and people say it isn't like...

  150. Huh by Ida Lasic

    After leaving her abusive relationship Corbin stil...


    Two young women meet a year after the break of the...

  152. Bluebird


  153. Te Toca

    "Your Turn" recounts Santiago's internal confli...

  154. Nina


  155. GAY BABY

    A gay man's desire for biological fatherhood has s...


    A young man arrives at his father's house with his...

  157. Drifting

    A couple tries to uncover why they are drifting...

  158. Tous nus

    This movie was made by Marianne Khayat, a student ...

  159. Stretching the Play

    Sophie’s the new girl at a school in Wiltshir...

  160. Out of Image

    At the gallery, a searching young man (LESTER) stu...

  161. Faith

    A young girl finds herself in a whirlwind of chang...

  162. Half Lost

    A young woman mourns the loss of her twin sister w...

  163. VINT LA VAGUE_SHR_HD 239_25F_FR EN_2TrkPM_H264_20181113



    MATERNAL LOVE (MAMTA: Indian Hindi) is a short fil...

  165. YEYE

    She is YEYE, an exotic Mexican fighter who goes af...

  166. Território de Mim

    From a territory of violence, the search for a ...

  167. Shut Your Eyes I'm Gonna Dance

    A trans man's memory search is interrupted by his ...

  168. BÓXERS

    "A publicist is looking for the perfect slogan for...

  169. This is a Teenage Love Letter

    A young woman writes a letter to her past, to love...


    Same sex partnership is still illegal in 30 countr...


    A city of 8,000 inhabitants in the middle of the A...

  172. What If

    Suicide prevention and awareness film. Based on a ...

  173. Cock N Bull 2

    Wes and Chris, in couples counseling, decide to ex...

  174. The Intern

    Brimmed with disillusionment, 'The Intern' questio...

  175. Good Mourning

    When a relationship ends, it's never an easy chang...

  176. FtM


  177. Auma's Story The Animated Short

    Auma's Story: The Animated Short was an official s...

  178. confession

    A Director and his film, Impact of Tagore, Winning...

  179. TWO WORDS

    A dramatic account of grief and self-realization, ...

  180. One Strange Happy Episode 106 Yo Bro

    The sixth episode in a nine part mini series. Moni...

  181. Harmony of the senses

    It is a day certainly classic for Guy, candid youn...

  182. BoxingDay

    A father comes to terms with his daughter being ga...

  183. The Musk Deer

    A gay couple in the 90s decides to adopt a girl. 1...



  185. Silver Light

    Ticktock Pictures and Light Organ Records are prou...

  186. Self Portrait

    Struggling with gender identity, sexual orientatio...

  187. Cuarto Creciente

    Selene, a 20 year old girl has been in denial abou...

  188. EYAL INDIAN Short film


  189. The Fabulous life of Mr. Fabulous


  190. Al Hayat

    Al Hayat follows the story of Zain, an Arabic cros...

  191. Flowers

    Among the daily meetings and mismatches in big urb...

  192. Branislav Kostic_TheWall

    Short experimental student film about love, life, ...

  193. Megg - The Margin who Migrate to the Center

    Megg Rayara overcame obstacles that should not ...

  194. Fernanda's Spring

    A possibility arises in Fernanda’s life for h...

  195. Bubby & Them

    Bubby & Them is a docufictional short video ab...

  196. Ammi

    he film takes us through a mother's "coming-of-age...



  198. Truth

    Derya has to face and come to terms with her da...

  199. Born this Way - Awa's Story

    Awa is a New Zealand teenager who simply wants ...

  200. About Charlie

    Lucy and Sam are two college students attached at ...



  202. On The Edge

    As a part of rebellion against her strict mother, ...

  203. Possession

    A new service called Possession begs the question,...

  204. DRAGMEX

    DRAGMEX is a visual and sonorous tour through the ...

  205. June In January

    A young woman seeks to confront an influential mid...

  206. Somebody Else

    Abel and Pacheco have the deepest chemistry for ea...

  207. Odd Stranger


  208. Red Sweater


  209. Whispers & Love - When LGBTQ Community gets free from Section 377

    "Whispers and Love" is Paper Weight Production Hou...

  210. Pink Lemonade

    A couple discusses the word different....

  211. Nereida SUB ENG_ST


  212. The Choice

    Devin is in a deteriorating relationship with Ashl...

  213. True Romance

    Dirt cheap white wine and mismatched valentines...

  214. Panth.. a cult.

    We are taught by our culture to feel the god among...

  215. Revelations

    On a common girl's night, two adult women with bur...

  216. Homophobia

    Medhi is a caïd of a dangerous suburban near Pari...

  217. Radial Point

    Despite their attraction to one another, two women...

  218. Isola

    A teenager assumes his homosexuality for the paren...

  219. BOYS BEWARE 2

    A PSA about a deadly epidemic sweeping the world t...

  220. Chicas, a escena

    Two drag queens are getting ready in the dressing ...

  221. Just Saffy



    A young teenager is going through a hard phase bec...

  223. Beautiful

    Sypnosis: A Photographer encounters a woman during...

  224. The Goodbye

    Young Joe is experiencing the ultimate emotional c...

  225. Come Around

    In "Come Around," Bela, a first-generation Filipin...

  226. Flowers For Lily

    Teens experience the ups and downs of first crushe...

  227. WinterFairytale

    One day The Girl had a dream: Another girl from he...

  228. LOVE WINS

    Heather & Lily fell in love, won the lottery, ...

  229. COIN TOSS

    An enby and their girlfriend struggle to find comm...

  230. OUTcome

    Alex has to realize that the acceptance he seeks h...



  232. Embodiment

    A yoga instructor, a boxing girl, a queer aerial a...

  233. Homophobia

    Despite having the cradle of humanity on the Af...

  234. Violet

    Violet is a sex worker struggling to balance he...

  235. 1999

    In the summer of '99, best friends Hugo and Nao...

  236. The Paper Rose_Final

    An English teacher bonds with her outcast student ...


    Raja, with a daughter and a son, is an easily p...

  238. Queens of Summer


  239. My Boyfriend's Boyfriend

    A twisted comedy about friendship, relationship, a...

Total Films: 239 • Total Votes: 4,779 • Total Film Views: 16,660

Audience Awards Clapper
The winners of this contest went on to compete in a final round.
View the final round results.

Preliminary Audience Award Selections

These are the audience vote winners that will proceed to the final round.

Luiz Campos

Red Lipstick - Batom Vermelho

Márcio e Victor Di Marco

The Way You Treat Me

Alek Lean


Preliminary Jury Selections

These are the jury selection that will proceed to the final round.

Jesper Emborg


George Velez Junior

The Goodbye

Fred Kuhr

Silver Light

Charlee Avis

Stretching the Play

All Films in Contest

Luiz Campos

Red Lipstick - Batom Vermelho

Vote Count: 605

Márcio e Victor Di Marco

The Way You Treat Me

Vote Count: 450

Alek Lean


Vote Count: 415

Cliff Rubin

Authentic Self

Vote Count: 404

Filthy & Free Publishing

Je N'ai Pas Dit

Vote Count: 265

Cesar Joseph Ambalada

Fruit Drop

Vote Count: 208

Golden Egg Distribution


Vote Count: 193

Miranda Hoyt

Famous Last Words

Vote Count: 137

Ellie Hodgetts

We Are Here

Vote Count: 136

Jennifer Grossman

Conversations In A Coffee Shop

Vote Count: 110

Markel Logan


Vote Count: 106

Aina Iida

Ordinary love

Vote Count: 104

Nathanael Méndez

Turning Queer

Vote Count: 93

Tori Kotsen

Burned Out

Vote Count: 85

Kristina Maca


Vote Count: 84

Marco Alves

I lost you in the subway

Vote Count: 78

Roma FIlm Academy

Lipstick di Pierluigi Glionna - Roma Film Academy

Vote Count: 73

Alexander M McCully

The Divine; a Tale of Love, Murder, & Meatloaf

Vote Count: 63

Narlyia Sterling


Vote Count: 62

George Guck

Life Unpredictable

Vote Count: 61

Rikardo Santana-Silva

Te quero, te amo, te espero

Vote Count: 54

Chance Calloway

Pretty Dudes - The Double Entendre

Vote Count: 52

Alona Shylova


Vote Count: 49

Namita Chauhan

I am

Vote Count: 47

Viv Brüschz

Trans Manifest

Vote Count: 45

Conor Grant

How Did You Know

Vote Count: 38

Nichole Ruiz


Vote Count: 35

Tasha MacKenzie

Gay, Straight, Whatever.

Vote Count: 33

Charlotte Firmin

Proud to Love

Vote Count: 31

Tiffany Rossi


Vote Count: 29

Saul Singleton


Vote Count: 28

Dylan Mascis


Vote Count: 28

Tatum Garvey

Love at Last Sight

Vote Count: 27

David Blomquist


Vote Count: 27

Leonardo Govoni


Vote Count: 25

Paul Yeldoz


Vote Count: 24

Oliver Woollard


Vote Count: 22

Dave Sarrafian

QueerBoy Begins

Vote Count: 21

Shane Schoeppner

The House That Ed Built

Vote Count: 21

Laura El Alam

Nocturnal Deconstruction

Vote Count: 20

McGarrah Wilson


Vote Count: 20

Ethan McDowell

lúbtha - queer

Vote Count: 19

Rajesh James


Vote Count: 19

Oscar Galeote

Uli Midnight Show

Vote Count: 17

Abdulrahman Yahya


Vote Count: 17

Ilhan Soydemir


Vote Count: 16

Juan Romero

An Iraqi Belly Dancer

Vote Count: 16

Pascal Schmidlin

Pixie My Love

Vote Count: 15

Jason Boegh


Vote Count: 15

Elena Lario

Nigel the Plonker

Vote Count: 14

Isabela Cersosimo

Other Way

Vote Count: 13

Agostino Leone

Tell Me How - Short Film

Vote Count: 12

Sara Martin


Vote Count: 9

Suat Senocak

Story Of A Night

Vote Count: 9

Petar Varat

i do

Vote Count: 8

R. B. Lima

About a Butterfly and Its Cocoon, by R.B. Lima

Vote Count: 7

Cory Souto

Prom Queens

Vote Count: 7

Mike Peters

Bre's Company

Vote Count: 6

Dann Parry

Birds of a Feather - Dann Parry

Vote Count: 6

Rich Kane

Radio City Lounge

Vote Count: 6

Kurtis Watson

Love Undivided

Vote Count: 6

Heather Dougherty

The Brunswick Four Minus One

Vote Count: 5

Hiran Matheus Silva de Araújo

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Vote Count: 5

Syahreza Fahlevi

A Piece Of Hope

Vote Count: 4

Pao Zanki

Take Me Out

Vote Count: 4

Dylan Paoli

The Closet

Vote Count: 4

Max Timofeev

Nicknamed the Devil

Vote Count: 4

Paul Hurst


Vote Count: 4

Ngoc Phuong Anh Nguyen

Lo To Singing

Vote Count: 3

Sierra Blake

A Sunday Kind of Love

Vote Count: 3

Carlota Flor


Vote Count: 3

Dylan Chen


Vote Count: 3

Emilio Leija


Vote Count: 3

Mandy Jacobs


Vote Count: 3

Fearless Pictures

Spring Roll

Vote Count: 2

Michael Aiello

The Sunset Through the Blinds

Vote Count: 2

Michael Aiello


Vote Count: 2

Mina Hoffman

Sherlock Holmes the Adventure of the Furtive Festivity

Vote Count: 2

Cameron Kostopoulos

I Surrender - Gay Coming-of-Age Film

Vote Count: 2

Christian Schulte

The Marriage License

Vote Count: 2

Heather Williamson


Vote Count: 2

Chasson Gracie

Gonna Sip That Sip Hit That Dip. The Emerging Queer Hip Hop Movement

Vote Count: 2

Yasmin Ghasiri


Vote Count: 2

Gilroy Rodrigues


Vote Count: 2

Fred O. Dery

22 - The Short Film

Vote Count: 2


I'm a Delusion

Vote Count: 2

Bianca Von Krieg

My Name Is Leelah

Vote Count: 2

Shiwei Shen


Vote Count: 1

Quinton Lavery

The Kiffness ft Tawanna Shaunte - You Say You Love Me

Vote Count: 1

Charnstar Anderson


Vote Count: 1

Rafael Brouard


Vote Count: 1

T.C. De Witt

Screen Righter

Vote Count: 1

Jazmine Smit

I Am Me

Vote Count: 1

Ramiro Velasco

Sperm Friends

Vote Count: 1

Tarcisio Boquady

Adoración, Adoración, Adoración

Vote Count: 1

Mohamed Fekrane

BONJOUR_MADAME_English subtitles

Vote Count: 1

Esther Chovan

Without Wanting

Vote Count: 1

Glenn Spillman

The Choice

Vote Count: 1

Francesco Foletto


Vote Count: 1


Her Story_nairita thakurata

Vote Count: 1

Dimitri Castiglioni

Pretty Man

Vote Count: 1

Gui Boucault

The story of Bisi Alimi, The only gay in Nigeria

Vote Count: 1

Jasmin Singh


Vote Count: 1

Hathaison Gerdprasert

My Little Princess Hathaison Gerdprasert

Vote Count: 1

Sukrut Teni


Vote Count: 1

Bethani Mosher


Vote Count: 1

Minami Goto

Half A Year

Vote Count: 1

Hector A Garcia


Vote Count: 1

Oakley Fugate

My Own Place

Vote Count: 1

Mandy Wolfe


Vote Count: 1

Sophia Pangalos

What Is Love

Vote Count: 1

Heidi Jones

The Connection

Vote Count: 1

Brett Boon

Drag Mother

Vote Count: 1

Quamé Hamlin

Becoming Donna Slash

Vote Count: 1

Chase Torrence

Mixed Boy Joy - Episode 7 - I'm Not A Racist

Vote Count: 1

Sergio Rey

The Marriage

Vote Count: 1

The Wanted Mind

Love for brunch By The Wanted Mind LGBTQ film

Vote Count: 1

Victor Yuri

THe life is movie

Vote Count: 1

Jeissy Trompiz

Kid fish

Vote Count: 1

Adam Gilmore

StarCrossed Before the Storm

Vote Count: 1

Masao Konno


Vote Count: 1

Tien Nguyen


Vote Count: 1

Kayden Phoenix


Vote Count: 1

Will Moffett

Cubs World Series Short film

Vote Count: 1

John Giorgio

Between Love

Vote Count: 1


JOHNNY_SHR_HD 1_25FPS_FR EN_2TrkNF_H264_20180914

Vote Count: 1

Raj Jain


Vote Count: 1

Emily Yarnall

Mom Has Nothing on Trixie

Vote Count: 1

Marianna Hersko

The Kid Who Drowned at Summer Camp

Vote Count: 1

Chen Pin-Ru

Shall We Dance

Vote Count: 1

Sophie Broadgate

The Water Tower

Vote Count: 1

Tomm Coles

Chaos Toad

Vote Count: 1

Kai Cameron

The Breakup

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Andre Siqueira


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Andrew Green


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Khozy Rizal Putra


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Qiydaar Foster

Flunking Fabulous

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Mark Abramowitz

Meet Up

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Nuno Sá Pessoa

Bi lis Negra

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Prataya Saha


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Aldo Padovano

MONTATO FILM_master ENG_h264

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Belle Krupcheck

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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Gregory Foltynowicz


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Simon Maria Kubiena

Mahlzeit DINNER english subtitles

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MaryAnn Sheridan

Behind The Status Update

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Ellen Houlihan

Todd Glass for GLSEN - Emmy-winning PSA

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Gil Baroni

The Heirs

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Beth Stokes


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Eva Torkkola

Theory of EVAluation

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Ida Lasic

Huh by Ida Lasic

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Nisarga SP


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Luis Midence

Te Toca

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Kerrie Julien


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Lisa e Wiliams


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Marianne Khayat

Tous nus

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Charlee Avis

Stretching the Play

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Jason Stewart

Out of Image

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Carmen Ami


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Jill Harrigan

Half Lost

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VINT LA VAGUE_SHR_HD 239_25F_FR EN_2TrkPM_H264_20181113

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Sundeep Malani


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Kevin Valladares


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Yggor Araujo

Território de Mim

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Ulya Aviral

Shut Your Eyes I'm Gonna Dance

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Dr. Ariel Orama López


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Tessa Hill

This is a Teenage Love Letter

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Yaa Kankam


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Carlos Magalhães


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Lisa Crawford

What If

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Nathan Adloff

Cock N Bull 2

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Gaurav Kuri

The Intern

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Mark Møhn

Good Mourning

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João Ferreira


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Ozola Cody

Auma's Story The Animated Short

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Rijul Bar


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Jesper Emborg


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Bryan Maurice

One Strange Happy Episode 106 Yo Bro

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Martin Schrepel

Harmony of the senses

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Richard E. Haywood


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Raj Jain

The Musk Deer

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Ali Raheem


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Fred Kuhr

Silver Light

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Faun Harjo

Self Portrait

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Jahna Garcia

Cuarto Creciente

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Raging Bull Actors Studio

EYAL INDIAN Short film

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Ludovico Torri

The Fabulous life of Mr. Fabulous

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Al Hayat

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Vado Vergara


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Branislav Kostic

Branislav Kostic_TheWall

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Gil Baroni

Megg - The Margin who Migrate to the Center

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Gil Baroni

Fernanda's Spring

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Je'Jae Daniels

Bubby & Them

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Raj Jain


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Fernando Lorenzana Gámez


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öykü Aytulun


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Mitchell Hawkes

Born this Way - Awa's Story

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Danielle Diamond

About Charlie

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Miguel Angel Barroso Garcia


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Yoojeong Ko

On The Edge

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Conor Tierney


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Daniel Guevara


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Athena Wheaton

June In January

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Abram Cerda

Somebody Else

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Beto Oliveira

Odd Stranger

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Uygar Tanr?kulu

Red Sweater

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Harsh Vardhan Singh

Whispers & Love - When LGBTQ Community gets free from Section 377

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Joe Wielosinski

Pink Lemonade

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Sabrina Muhate

Nereida SUB ENG_ST

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Lotte Twaalfhoven

The Choice

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Ping-hei Wong

True Romance

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Ravindra Mathadhikari

Panth.. a cult.

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Kelsey Rauber


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Léo Bastet


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Saffron Ardern-Sodje

Radial Point

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Valter Vanir Coelho


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Trevor Scholtens


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Mitxitxi Producciones

Chicas, a escena

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Beth Stokes

Just Saffy

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Gaspar Aguirre


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Antonio Jordan


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George Velez Junior

The Goodbye

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Sebastian Garcia

Come Around

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Grace Conley

Flowers For Lily

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Darya Perelay


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Aaron Rothermund


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Cain Rodriguez


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Mehmetcan Incedal


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Giulia Prizzitano


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Kingsley Nyarko


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Skyler Barrett


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Hugo Salvaterra


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Talin Kashian

The Paper Rose_Final

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Naresh Gunaseelan


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Nigel Webber

Queens of Summer

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David Gutierrez

My Boyfriend's Boyfriend

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