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2019 Faith And Spirituality Film Festival

Total Prize Value: Camera + Digital Distribution

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Randomly Selected Films in Contest

  1. 100,000 Miles a Second

    This film is based on an actual experience the wri...

  2. Kandace Queen Short Film

    "I wanted to create a positive film with a moral a...


    Whatever our beliefs regarding the life’s las...

  4. Life Expectancy

    "Veteran undercover narcotics officer James Lewis ...

  5. A Tale From The Whale

    'A Tale from the Whale’ presents a cinematic poe...


    Jacques and Sophie's marriage is in danger, but...

  7. The Saxon New World

    From the untold history of America’s largest ...

  8. Avowed

    Young nun-to-be Sister Giles struggles to understa...

  9. I am Nature

    I am Nature. You are human Nature. Nature in hu...

  10. Paid in Full

    https://www.paidfullmovie.com/ https://www.faceboo...


    Fourth grade student, Tommy, has a new assignment....

  12. We Never Left - Elopement in Santorini

    Victoria and Edward with their amazing vibe from t...

  13. Mystical Crisis - Crisi Mistica

    A priest is persecuted by a man in a mystical c...

  14. One-to-one ; Conversación

    “One-to-one” ("Conversación") tells the parti...

  15. Game Plan for Life

    Hall of Famers Ray Lewis, Brian Dawkins, Aeneas Wi...

Total Films: 15 • Total Votes: 79 • Total Film Views: 5,873

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The winners of this contest will go on to compete in a final round.
Final round voting begins on Apr 01, 2019 at 12:00pm MDT (America/Denver).

All Films in Contest

Allan Meade

Life Expectancy

Vote Count: 60

Christopher Gebhardt


Vote Count: 11

Patricia Fox

100,000 Miles a Second

Vote Count: 1

John Hopper

Paid in Full

Vote Count: 1

H. Paul Moon

The Saxon New World

Vote Count: 1

Anthony Venitis

We Never Left - Elopement in Santorini

Vote Count: 1

Cristian García Zelada

One-to-one ; Conversación

Vote Count: 1

Eric Welshenbaugh

Game Plan for Life

Vote Count: 1

Michael Giannantonio


Vote Count: 1

Jack Packshaw

A Tale From The Whale

Vote Count: 1

Elke Duerr

I am Nature

Vote Count: 0

Lynette Jones

Kandace Queen Short Film

Vote Count: 0

Mystical Crisis - Crisi Mistica

Vote Count: 0

Johann Nertomb


Vote Count: 0

Kamila Delart


Vote Count: 0