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2018 Animation Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize Value: $2,300 in Prizes

Contest Over

Jul 10, 2018 - Jul 17, 2018

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  1. FEAW

    In an epic journey that span thousands of years an...

  2. Lemon & Elderflower

    Funny story of two little hummingbirds, brother an...

  3. Delicious Light

    In "Delicious Light," a cataclysmic event is unlea...

  4. The Circle Game

    A video game character experiences the ups and ...

  5. Grandma's Pie

    "Grandma's Pie" - Animated Short Film by Camilo...

  6. Spell of the West

    On an isolated cacti farm, three stressed out b...

  7. The Crow and the Squirrel

    In this hand-drawn animated film, a crow has an en...

  8. Tend - Animade

    Tend tells the story of a man and his daughter liv...

  9. Blue Jays

    This stop-motion shadow-puppet film tells the s...

  10. FlyTrap

    'Charles falls into a germaphobic hysteria.'

  11. Fears

    Fears are visible as constant companions of their ...

  12. Magical Mom

    11-year-old Daiki just wants to be normal, but his...

  13. Seek

    This video animation takes viewers on the journ...

  14. Germany s Next Pot Model

    A non-political correct mockery, a parody of Ge...

  15. Mind Games

    All work and no play can make your mind wander. Th...

  16. Hate for Sale

    We live in a world in which we consume hate as muc...

  17. A Taste To Die For...

    A short stop motion animation that aims to juxt...

  18. 7TH AEON

    "Racing to the red light, only to find themselves ...

  19. Saturn Voyager

    Saturn Voyager is a sci-fi animated short film ins...

  20. Sole Mates

    Once upon a time, two soles met and fell in lov...


    Two girls sick of the daily grind thieve their way...


    This is a short film I made about love that knows ...

  23. Coke Habit

    The Summer after 10th grade Mike spent two solid w...

  24. Icons

    Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, f...

  25. Sausage

    The idyllic world of two artisan stallholders is i...

  26. Nice 14.07.16

    Based on the 2016 terror attack in Nice, France, t...

  27. Stuck


  28. The Legend of Rasputin

    SYNOPSIS The Legend of Rasputin presents the amaz...

  29. Red Flower

    A plant consumes its owners blood, comes alive, an...

  30. Superman's Best Friend

    After a long day working two jobs, Superman's duti...



  32. Rebooted

    "Rebooted" by Sagar Arun and Rachel Kral Owl Guy,...

  33. Death of a father

    When Babu's father passes away, he is caught in a ...

  34. Gillette Commercial

    In this slightly irreverent cartoon, a man admirin...

  35. A monk's memory

    A monk was attracted to the birds outside the d...


    Shahkboy is your typical New England high school k...

  37. Malignant Practice

    Malignant Practice is based on the real medical...

  38. The MELON SHORTS by Mike Shiell

    The MELON SHORTS! These animated gems spring from ...


    There is a shop located in a mysterious street tha...

  40. Pura Vida

    Four flawed friends travel to tropics where things...

  41. Uncaged


  42. TOTEMS

    Heather, a teenage girl, becomes overwhelmed wi...

  43. Banshee

    Banshee | A short film by Constantinos Chaidalis ...

  44. Dex Davis Child of God in...Peer Pressure Panic

    The world’s most popular rapper is having a huge...

  45. Journeyus & the Journeynauts

    Journeyus & the Journeynauts tells the stor...

  46. Memory

    An old woman starts daydreaming at her past as a d...

  47. Window


  48. The Tree of Palimpsest

    Palimpseste, an old ceramist and storyteller in he...

  49. 140 Characters

    What happened to the future we were promised?

  50. Amended Shards

    Orlando Torres tells his experience of getting dia...

  51. Mediocrity, For Micah Dahl Anderson


  52. Dream Cruisin' - The History of Cruising

    Webisode #1 - The History of Cruising Visit www.d...

Total Films: 52 • Total Votes: 1,323 • Total Film Views: 7,730

Audience Awards Clapper
The winners of this contest went on to compete in a final round.
View the final round results.

Preliminary Audience Award Selections

These are the audience vote winners that will proceed to the final round.

Ilenia Cotardo

Lemon & Elderflower

Gaia Marcaccini

Delicious Light

Preliminary Jury Selections

Jury selection to be announced.

All Films in Contest

Robin Tremblay


Vote Count: 241

Ilenia Cotardo

Lemon & Elderflower

Vote Count: 145

Gaia Marcaccini

Delicious Light

Vote Count: 115

Johnny Coffeen

The Circle Game

Vote Count: 83

Camilo Castro

Grandma's Pie

Vote Count: 68

Sam Lane

Spell of the West

Vote Count: 60

Guillermo Gomez

The Crow and the Squirrel

Vote Count: 59

- Animade -

Tend - Animade

Vote Count: 30

Randy Boyum

Blue Jays

Vote Count: 27

Connor Bland


Vote Count: 22

Nata Metlukh


Vote Count: 22

Allen Zhang

Magical Mom

Vote Count: 22

Peter Guo


Vote Count: 20

Loic Rathscheck

Germany s Next Pot Model

Vote Count: 18

Jiaqi Yan

Mind Games

Vote Count: 18

Anna Eijsbouts

Hate for Sale

Vote Count: 17

Tiziana Mangiaratti

A Taste To Die For...

Vote Count: 17

Mads Broni


Vote Count: 16

Andre Luiz Machado

Saturn Voyager

Vote Count: 15

Loic Rathscheck

Sole Mates

Vote Count: 15

Jackie Droujko


Vote Count: 15

Joel Erkkinen


Vote Count: 15

Dress Code

Coke Habit

Vote Count: 14

Ronnie Cramer


Vote Count: 14

Robert Grieves


Vote Count: 14

Gisele Nour

Nice 14.07.16

Vote Count: 13

Whitney Walters


Vote Count: 13

Jamie Shannon

The Legend of Rasputin

Vote Count: 11

Stella Rosen

Red Flower

Vote Count: 11

Brett Underhill

Superman's Best Friend

Vote Count: 11

Luce Grosjean


Vote Count: 11

Sagar Arun


Vote Count: 10

Somnath Pal

Death of a father

Vote Count: 9

Kathryne Isabelle Easton

Gillette Commercial

Vote Count: 9


A monk's memory

Vote Count: 8

Jake Peckar


Vote Count: 8

Kristin Catalano

Malignant Practice

Vote Count: 8

Mike Shiell

The MELON SHORTS by Mike Shiell

Vote Count: 8

Zhongwen Hu


Vote Count: 8

Nata Metlukh

Pura Vida

Vote Count: 8

Jesse Robinson


Vote Count: 8

Stephen Whittingham


Vote Count: 7

Constantinos Chaidalis


Vote Count: 7

Horace Christian Jr

Dex Davis Child of God in...Peer Pressure Panic

Vote Count: 7

Chris Cimino

Journeyus & the Journeynauts

Vote Count: 6

Farah Kahil


Vote Count: 6

Sara Nili


Vote Count: 6

Ingrid Agbo

The Tree of Palimpsest

Vote Count: 6

Dean Winkler

140 Characters

Vote Count: 6

Orlando Torres

Amended Shards

Vote Count: 6

Drew Barlow

Mediocrity, For Micah Dahl Anderson

Vote Count: 5

Mindy Silberman

Dream Cruisin' - The History of Cruising

Vote Count: 5