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2017 Animation Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize Value: $2,850

Contest Over

Jul 18, 2017 - Jul 25, 2017

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  1. To the Moon

    This Short Animation is a visual representation of...

  2. Layers of Fear

    Layers of fear is a short animation that explores ...

  3. Father Daughter Dance

    Father-Daughter Dance is based on the true story o...

  4. The Present

    The Present is a graduation short by Jacob Frey fr...

  5. Pardon Me

    A young woman goes to a fancy party, she has to tr...

  6. Clones VS Droids Assault

    *****READ DESCRIPTION****** A new series for all ...

  7. Lil Bat

    In a desolate cave, a lone bat plays with his f...

  8. Episode_4_The_Ruggerios

    The Ruggerio's is a short animation comedy series ...

  9. Fall

    A falling man finds peace in his fate as a he lear...

  10. GO NUTS

    In a word where it's the men's obligation to wear ...

  11. When a Peeping Tom met a Kleptomaniac

    This is a fun story filled with a refreshingly uni...

  12. bareking6

    Confined to his lab, a mad scientist works on his ...

  13. The Snowman's Hat

    “The Snowman's Hat” is a simple and sweet stop...

  14. Luscious

    “Luscious” is a 2D motion graphics video looks...

  15. BITZ- The whippet made from random stuff

    This is BITZ. Designed, built and animated by m...

  16. Twin Beaks

    Steve and Bill, two lazy gulls, spend their days p...

  17. nudinits - Tickled Pink

    In a cosy corner of England there are a couple of ...

  18. Plank


  19. Yin and Yang

    Yin and Yang is a story about a boy who is running...

  20. Conquistadorks

    Conquistadorks started as a tacky pun and blossome...

  21. WindowsMinaValizadeh

    Windows is a symbolic short animation about a litt...

  22. the gameshow toly ak

    with the advent of trash tv and shows like survivo...

  23. Once and Done 2017

    This is the true story of Jeff as told by Jeff, wh...

  24. Hunt or Be Hunted


  25. Valor Cat First Scratch

    Our hero, Valor Cat, must face his greatest advers...


    When all life is drained and vacuumed, all that’...

  27. Fall from Grace

    When 6 year old Grace accidentally misspells a let...

  28. The Silence of The Sky

    The humankind's dream for freedom Nothing can stop...

  29. The World's First Twurkey

    I thought the idea was funny so I animated it. ...


    A music video featuring the 3 person band, Bel Hei...

  31. Shango

    This short narrative follows Shango, a West Africa...

  32. Warm n Wet




  34. Break

    Love is something complicated and hard to comprehe...


    point.line.plane is a series of three studies that...

  36. The real cost of coal NEW

    For the first time in Croatia, the animated film "...

  37. Pink Bubbles

    Pink Bubbles is a short 3D animation about a lonel...

  38. After Meteor s Trail

    An animation tribute to advancement of technolo...

  39. Variations (in black and white)

    Submitted to Animation Short Film Festival on Film...

  40. Root

    One man comes to the tree which he used to play as...

  41. 'Johanne' animated short

    Inspired by Joan of Arc, 'Johanne' follows a day i...

  42. Grand Yellow, “On My Way”

    Directed by Akatre | http://www.akatre.com Music...

  43. Falling Tide

    It is a story about a boy who tries to get on a tr...

  44. Tom in Couchland

    A stoner dude is sucked into the couch and must ba...

  45. MUSHBOOM Frisky's Adventure

    This is a Spiritually-Charged Animated Adventure a...

  46. SalarySerf_edit

    “Salary Serf” is a short, 3D motion graphics a...

  47. Chen_Z_ _Zhu_H_2

    In an era where a dictatorial empire rules the gal...

  48. Lost and Found

    Lost and Found is an animated visual representatio...

  49. Primavera Sound James Rhodes

    Designed as a short film, this video display a rec...

  50. Paper Airman

    Corky' (the old man puppet made from old wine c...

  51. I Thought I Told You To Shut Up

    In 1977, David Boswell created the comic book anti...

  52. Requiem for Greed_02


  53. Absorbed

    An old man sets up a trap. The hero of the film is...

  54. TheBloodPope

    Synopsis: In 1492, an alchemist uses transfusions ...

Total Films: 54 • Total Votes: 1,414 • Total Film Views: 9,682

Audience Awards Clapper
The winners of this contest went on to compete in a final round.
View the final round results.

Preliminary Audience Award Selections

These are the audience vote winners that will proceed to the final round.

Team Foonkeywaninja

To the Moon

Hsin-Ying Liu

Layers of Fear

Savannah Hill

Father Daughter Dance

Preliminary Jury Selections

These are the jury selection that will proceed to the final round.

Jacob Frey

The Present

Kimberly Gouge

Pardon Me

Yifei Wang

When a Peeping Tom met a Kleptomaniac

Kai Yun Yang


James Just

Tom in Couchland

Ryan Kovar

Hunt or Be Hunted

All Films in Contest

Team Foonkeywaninja

To the Moon

Vote Count: 238

Hsin-Ying Liu

Layers of Fear

Vote Count: 211

Savannah Hill

Father Daughter Dance

Vote Count: 128

Jacob Frey

The Present

Vote Count: 81

Kimberly Gouge

Pardon Me

Vote Count: 78

Tyler Wursta

Clones VS Droids Assault

Vote Count: 70

Justin Gorski

Lil Bat

Vote Count: 68

Steven Filatro


Vote Count: 45

Ollie Magee


Vote Count: 30

Kai Yun Yang


Vote Count: 27

Yifei Wang

When a Peeping Tom met a Kleptomaniac

Vote Count: 25

Hannah Mullan


Vote Count: 24

Jeff Draheim

The Snowman's Hat

Vote Count: 24

Xuecheng Xu


Vote Count: 21

James Pollitt

BITZ- The whippet made from random stuff

Vote Count: 19

Will Robson

Twin Beaks

Vote Count: 19

Edward Hartwell

nudinits - Tickled Pink

Vote Count: 16

Xiong Lin


Vote Count: 16

Jing Yuan Huang

Yin and Yang

Vote Count: 15

Ben Dongarra


Vote Count: 15

Mina Vali Zadeh


Vote Count: 15

Apostoly Peter Kouroumalis

the gameshow toly ak

Vote Count: 14

Jacob Pettit

Once and Done 2017

Vote Count: 10

Ryan Kovar

Hunt or Be Hunted

Vote Count: 9

Ben Reicher

Valor Cat First Scratch

Vote Count: 9

Rui Fan Wang


Vote Count: 9

Shaun Rogers

Fall from Grace

Vote Count: 9

Jubrail Abubaker

The Silence of The Sky

Vote Count: 9

Joel Erkkinen

The World's First Twurkey

Vote Count: 9

Irwin Miller


Vote Count: 9

Michael Rhima


Vote Count: 8

Marisa Meier

Warm n Wet

Vote Count: 8

Jonathan Djob Nkondo


Vote Count: 8

Sierra Ward


Vote Count: 8



Vote Count: 7

Association Green Istria & Vibor Juhas

The real cost of coal NEW

Vote Count: 7

Pei Yao

Pink Bubbles

Vote Count: 7

Delphino Huang

After Meteor s Trail

Vote Count: 7


Variations (in black and white)

Vote Count: 7

Yu Kojima


Vote Count: 7

Anna-Ester Volozh

'Johanne' animated short

Vote Count: 6

Akatre Studio

Grand Yellow, “On My Way”

Vote Count: 6

Ning Cheng

Falling Tide

Vote Count: 6

James Just

Tom in Couchland

Vote Count: 5

Stephen Siemens

MUSHBOOM Frisky's Adventure

Vote Count: 5

Hyun Jin Bae


Vote Count: 5

Cosmo Chen

Chen_Z_ _Zhu_H_2

Vote Count: 5

Elizabeth Licht

Lost and Found

Vote Count: 5

Mireia Julià

Primavera Sound James Rhodes

Vote Count: 5

James Pollitt

Paper Airman

Vote Count: 4

Charlie Tyrell

I Thought I Told You To Shut Up

Vote Count: 4

Eugene Salganik

Requiem for Greed_02

Vote Count: 4

Dimitris Armenakis


Vote Count: 4

Geoffrey James


Vote Count: 4