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Audience Awards 2016 Social Political Short Film Festival

Total Prize Value: $2,700

Contest Over

Nov 01, 2016 - Nov 08, 2016

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  1. The Little Things

    A recently resettled Syrian refugee family adjusts...

  2. What You Gotta Do

    Blessed and cursed with an extraordinary ability, ...

  3. Illegal Aliens

    Illegal Aliens - Due to the recent arrival of undo...

  4. Bridge USA

    Courtlyn Carpenter co-founder of Bridge USA aims a...

  5. Across the River

    Across the River offers a modern and romantic i...

  6. What Came After

    At the sunrise of her awakening sexual identity, a...


    Life in tent encampments, vehicles, motels, and st...

  8. One Note

    In St. Louis, MO, Mark Sarich and the members of E...

  9. Stop the Show

    Stop the Show (aka WAR), commissioned by Amnesty I...

  10. Birthday ENSUBS MP4

    Marios, a young man with cerebral palsy, is waitin...


    Lives Restarted is a documentary that traces the l...

  12. STOP

    A young man's livelihood is put to the test whe...

  13. A Short Film About Chasing Hope.

    Every human being has a fundamental right to seek ...

  14. Brother Valentine HD

    Hi, My name is Tim Rundel (Auburn, CA) and my f...

  15. For my Friends in Detention

    'For my Friends in Detention' is a short documenta...

  16. Color Blues

    1955. A writer meets his most famous character for...

  17. Gonna Be a Soldier

    Six-year-old Joey wants to be a doctor when he gro...

  18. House of Fun torture euphemism

    House of Fun | torture euphemism is an associative...

  19. Seattle Death Trains


  20. Brave New World

    A Brave New World is a experimental 'fantasy-doc' ...

  21. Fixated

    Hello Audience! The Film "Fixated" is a film on ...

  22. Ted Cruz - The Re Election

    Ted Cruz, "After dropping out of the primaries" so...

  23. G.I. Hospital

    An antiwar comedy. A group of severely wounded sol...

Total Films: 23 • Total Votes: 1,207 • Total Film Views: 6,059

Audience Award Winners

Jury Winners

All Films in Contest

Colleen Cassingham

The Little Things

Vote Count: 419

Michael Albright

What You Gotta Do

Vote Count: 395

Kristin Schaack

Illegal Aliens

Vote Count: 134

Ian Frank

Bridge USA

Vote Count: 61

Iulia Nastase

Across the River

Vote Count: 40

Tonya Pinkins

What Came After

Vote Count: 32

Adam Becker


Vote Count: 20

Bret Hoy

One Note

Vote Count: 12

Max Hattler

Stop the Show

Vote Count: 10

Dimitris Katsimiris

Birthday ENSUBS MP4

Vote Count: 10

Waheed AlQawasmi


Vote Count: 10

Reinaldo Green


Vote Count: 10

Brown Irving

A Short Film About Chasing Hope.

Vote Count: 10

Tim Rundel

Brother Valentine HD

Vote Count: 7

Zebedee Parkes

For my Friends in Detention

Vote Count: 7

David Hebrero

Color Blues

Vote Count: 6

Jonny Lewis

Gonna Be a Soldier

Vote Count: 5

House of Fun torture euphemism

Vote Count: 4

Gene Bernofsky

Seattle Death Trains

Vote Count: 3

George Pritchard

Brave New World

Vote Count: 3

Cyrus Choi


Vote Count: 3

Joey Rubin

Ted Cruz - The Re Election

Vote Count: 3

Jonny Lewis

G.I. Hospital

Vote Count: 3