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2016 Live Action Short Video Contest

Total Prize Value: $800

Contest Over

Mar 15, 2016 - Mar 24, 2016

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  1. The Road Less Traveled

    A story of life, love and heartache....

  2. Viceroy

    Viceroy follows the story of two estranged half-br...

  3. Eyes

    A young photographer who is inspired by Edgar Alla...


    Wilson is very good at decision-making in daily li...

  5. Begmarsh

    Mystery about an isolated community that is disrup...

  6. Cinemanic

    When two movie theater employees pan a highly anti...

  7. Barrio Dos Pintados

    Pintados was the term used to describe the indigen...

  8. The Apocalypse

    4 uninspired friends try to come up with a terrifi...


    When a lighthearted office prank goes a little p...

  10. Tumble Dry Low

    A little girl and her father deal with loss in Eas...

  11. 64mph

    Extreme skier Greg Hope pushes the limit in a high...

  12. An Unexpected Encounter

    A young college girl is minding her own business u...

Total Films: 12 • Total Votes: 1,242 • Total Film Views: 4,673

Jury Winners

All Films in Contest

Ron Hudson

The Road Less Traveled

Vote Count: 426

Dani Venen


Vote Count: 130

Thomas Scohy


Vote Count: 54

Richard Imburgio


Vote Count: 48

Leor Szleifer


Vote Count: 30

Erykah Del Mundo

Barrio Dos Pintados

Vote Count: 29

Andrew Zuchero

The Apocalypse

Vote Count: 28

Monica Hyde


Vote Count: 28

Jefferson Stein

Tumble Dry Low

Vote Count: 21

Brett Schreckengost


Vote Count: 15

Lucas Frommelt

An Unexpected Encounter

Vote Count: 13