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Audience Awards 2016 Horror Shorts Film Festival

Total Prize Value: $2,700

Contest Over

Oct 25, 2016 - Nov 01, 2016

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  1. The Scared One

    From his window, a child watches his father placin...

  2. The Passage

    In a gritty surrounding, after the world has falle...

  3. Survivors Anonymous


  4. Will Of the Wisp

    A photographer sees something out of the ordinary....

  5. Bonds Series_Final

    Tiffany and Jessica share a special bond ... one t...

  6. Alone

    A studio manager finds herself working a double sh...

  7. The Lady in White

    A man trying to maintain his innocence finds himse...

  8. The Tooth Fairy

    After her daughter's tooth falls out, nothing can ...

  9. Revealed

    Diana is a skeptic photographer that’s being hau...

  10. Left Behind

    After being orphaned, a young woman stays with her...

  11. REZilience

    Serpent Lake Reserve has been forgotten. This indi...

  12. A Light On

    When Brad arrives home minutes before his wife, he...

  13. Sobrevivo

    "Sobrevivo" chronicles the struggles of a woman in...

  14. The Town Where Nobody Lives Festival Copy


  15. Don't Steal The Scarecrow Doll

    A badly behaved and a strange scarecrow. One guy h...

  16. Landis

    A teenager (Dante) is losing sleep due to horrifyi...

  17. Vegetarian Zombies

    A dad is excited about a real zombie apocalypse bu...


    Dao-lian Shen is a gangster, he was disputed in ...


    In the late 1970's, two men unearth a dark and mys...

  20. Knockers version Anoria bis

    When Sitcom caracters must fight horror movies mon...

  21. Time To Eat

    After being sent to timeout, a mischievous boy’s...

  22. Brainsick the Hammer Killer

    A short horror film in the vein of classic 80's sl...

  23. I'm Not Dead

    A heroin-addicted gravedigger hides his stash in a...

  24. Heart's Desire

    A young man awakens from a series of nightmares to...

  25. KOOKIE

    Bree, a dishonest 9-year-old receives a terrifying...

  26. SAVE

    SYNOPSIS: Dawns, a baby breaks silence (Amanece. U...

  27. Shah Mat

    After a botched exorcism, a woman hides from a cre...

  28. The Tent

    Shelly and Becky are best friends on a weekend cam...

  29. Audience Award In Umbra Rosae In the Rose s Shadow


  30. 25.12

    A gentleman, on Christmas day, yearns for the conn...

  31. Listen

    A short horror film about a young Victorian girl, ...


    In a house in the middle of nowhere, Jason made th...

  33. Laura Lost

    Childhood friends Cole and Brian haven’t spoken ...

  34. The Werewolf s Greatest Hit

    A brief tale of a Werewolf and his strong obsessio...

  35. I Should Have Run

    One cold dark night, a woman encounters something ...

  36. The Garage

    A man spring cleaning his garage is interrupted by...

  37. Darker 2015 copy

    When a young man identifies someone in a crime, th...

  38. Baiting The Abductors

    After a horrifying Alien Abduction a young woman's...

  39. TOKEN

    A surreal horror short....

  40. SLOVEN

    Sloven is a horror short about a guy who comes hom...

  41. The Horrible Experiments of Dr.Quack

    Valerie suspects malpractice when her friend Melvi...

  42. THE EVE - SHORT MOVIE 2015

    Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have e...

  43. Reaching Out

    While staying overnight at a hospital, one visitor...

  44. Terminal 2K DCI SCOPE_TRANSFER


  45. Squatters

    "Squatters" is the story of 3 paramedics who recei...


    Industry hasn’t destroyed all of the sacred spac...

  47. Salem Occultist - Audience Awards Screener

    Anton, a Psychic Vampire who lives in Salem receiv...

Total Films: 47 • Total Votes: 2,453 • Total Film Views: 11,045

Audience Award Winners

Jury Winners

All Films in Contest

Romain et Thibault Lafargue

The Scared One

Vote Count: 568

Samuel Lardner

The Passage

Vote Count: 331

Sam Falco

Survivors Anonymous

Vote Count: 315

Matt Ritacco

Will Of the Wisp

Vote Count: 288

Tari Robinson

Bonds Series_Final

Vote Count: 216

Don Weir


Vote Count: 145

Lewis Guthrie

The Lady in White

Vote Count: 106

Tom Turner

The Tooth Fairy

Vote Count: 88

Jorge Diaz


Vote Count: 67

Eddie Felan

Left Behind

Vote Count: 54

Cedric Gegel

A Light On

Vote Count: 21

Al Topich

The Town Where Nobody Lives Festival Copy

Vote Count: 13

Annie Nguyen

Don't Steal The Scarecrow Doll

Vote Count: 12

Woody Edwards


Vote Count: 12

Dante Pappano

Vegetarian Zombies

Vote Count: 12

Sylas Dall


Vote Count: 9

Naima Chebahi

Knockers version Anoria bis

Vote Count: 8

Luke Guidici

Time To Eat

Vote Count: 7

Brock Grossl

Brainsick the Hammer Killer

Vote Count: 7

Jack Reilly

I'm Not Dead

Vote Count: 7

Gabriel Gran

Heart's Desire

Vote Count: 6

Justin Harding


Vote Count: 6

Iván Sáinz-Pardo


Vote Count: 6

Dario Almerighi

Audience Award In Umbra Rosae In the Rose s Shadow

Vote Count: 5

Stella Dimadis


Vote Count: 4

Vernon Wilbert


Vote Count: 4



Vote Count: 4

Simon Sandquist

Laura Lost

Vote Count: 4

Jim Zounis

The Werewolf s Greatest Hit

Vote Count: 4

I Should Have Run

Vote Count: 4

Sebastien Lhomme

The Garage

Vote Count: 4

Alex Torres

Darker 2015 copy

Vote Count: 3

Chris Browne

Baiting The Abductors

Vote Count: 3

Andrew Killmeier


Vote Count: 3

ToM Zarzecki

The Horrible Experiments of Dr.Quack

Vote Count: 3

Yuri Missoni


Vote Count: 3

John Zanardelli

Reaching Out

Vote Count: 3

Humayun Mirza


Vote Count: 3

Vince Coleman


Vote Count: 2

Derek Frey


Vote Count: 2

Alexander Roman

Salem Occultist - Audience Awards Screener

Vote Count: 2