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Our leadership team sets the cultural tone at The Audience Awards. We have an insatiable amount of energy and enthusiasm for new ideas, and that passion translates to hard work. We spend time in the trenches every day, delivering results and exceeding expectations.

I love creating opportunities for filmmakers and brands that connect & provide a remarkable value for both sides.

Paige Williams

Audience Awards Founder & CEO

Paige Williams is passionate about storytelling, team building and building a platform that serves amazing opportunities for filmmakers and those who love them.

I am excited to provide you with an innovative and out-of-the-box solution for meeting the digital marketing and content creation needs that are ever present in marketing today. I am looking forward to connecting storytellers with you.

Robin Kendall

Director of Business Development

Robin serves as Director of Business Development for The Audience Awards. She has over 15 years experience in project and people management. She brings her extensive background and tenacious enthusiasm to every partnership and project she spearheads.

Our team has the same questions as your target audience. We’re looking forward to answering them! We know digital marketing and we know great content. Let’s combine the two and direct a lot of people to you in the process.

Kyle Pucko

Director of Digital Marketing

Kyle manages the digital marketing team at The Audience Awards. This means, when you work with TAA, you have a dedicated account team with experience in everything from Search Engine Marketing to custom-built email marketing campaigns. Specializing in lead acquisition, the digital marketing branch of TAA executes innovative digital marketing outreach.

Working for the Audience Awards allows me to come to work each day to a room full of motivated individuals. Plus, there is nothing better than providing hardworking indie filmmakers with money for their short films!

Kate Truesdell

Film Relations

Kate works in filmmaker outreach to bring filmmakers to the site and to keep them informed on upcoming filmmaking opportunities.

I love creating a platform that engages users and provides an opportunity to escalate online visibility greater than any platform that’s ever been built!”

Damon Banks

Lead Development Engineer

Damon Banks is The Audience Awards’ lead developer ensuring that your experience and brand gets all of the benefits of a solid B2B solution, effective platform.

It's awesome to be part of the next wave of content creation and help break down the walls between great companies and amazing creators.

Becca Sayre

Front End Development & UX

Becca builds the parts of the site you see and works to make sure that everything makes sense when you use it.

It brings me great pleasure presenting our filmmakers to the world.

Whitney Banks

Blog Manager

Whitney keeps you informed about our latest contests, great content creators and more at audNews.

Don't let them fool you, I run this place.


Life Coach