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Audience Awards

This film competed in
2019 Dramatic Shorts Film Festival

A 30 minutes intense Docu-drama on Violence against Women. It mainly focuses on the various kinds of violence a woman faces. We are very proud to associate with this amazingly touching film that has ttouched many hearts with its truth. The documentary questions the irony of why in a country where men PRAY to GODDESSES (MAA DURGA, MAA KALI, and others), do they PREY upon women? HOPE B~lit associated with this documentary one year after its making as we support the vision of the young director Kankana Chakraborty and want to ensure that it gets screened and awareness on the subject gets presented to as many people as possible to impact change in society. This docudrama was shot in different Indian languages with English subtitles. Some of the incidents had to be dramatized. The victims wanted to share their horrific experiences, but they were scared to be in front of the camera. When we get to the root cause of the problem and acknowledge it only then we can find our way to a solution. One person at a time can make a big change in the world. Through this Docudrama, The sensitive director, Kankana Chakraborty wanted to do her bit as a woman and create awareness on this issue. The Docu-drama featured various Indian film industry legends. Namely, Shri. Amitabh Bachchan, Shri Shyam Benegal, Surekha Sikri and others. But the REAL HEROES of this project were the victims, who had the guts to share their horrific experiences in front of the camera. It has received National and International recognition