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Use Value Exchange Value

Super 8 mm Edited in camera - Single shot Color- Película Kodak Ektachrome 100 D Reversible 7285 This film was shot in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay and Once, CABA, Argentina. Exchange value, quantitative relationship in which use values are mutually exchanged. Use value, whatever the social form of wealth , use values contained therein. Base material which represents a particular economic relationship , the value of change. Object of satisfaction of some system of human needs. Natural particularity of the commodity. Production for immediate use. Combination of two elements , natural materials and labor. Exchange value expresses the social form of value, while the use value expresses no economical way of it, but only the existence of the product , for man in general. The sublime charm ( of commodity fetishism ) . Consumption that consumes us . Lightning in cages. And economic rationality creating monsters. You are surrounded in the backyard of things. No culture , no beauty , no universality. That wolves will die and the equality will be beauty! Love ? Where are you? The use value / exchange value makes you lose sight of life itself.