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Tremble And Quake


This film competed in

Director(s): Garth Twa

It's 1968. It's Super 8. Brenda's son, Myron, has the stigmata. Brenda is thrilled, seeing this as a way to outdo her sister, Susan, and win a place on the Spring Festival committee. Susan is not happy, because why couldn't it have been one of hers? The priest is not happy, because this sort of thing keeps the church in the dark ages. Brenda's husband is not happy, because the game starts in half an hour and the entire neighbourhood is in his front room. Daisy, the dog, is not happy, because he just wanted to help. Myron, especially, is not happy. He doesn't understand why he's standing the corner, draped in a bed sheet and bleeding into pie tins and no one is helping him.