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The Man in the Room

6 Votes

Audience Awards

This film competed in
Female Filmmakers Film Festival

Director(s): Eric J Carlson

Tracey checks in on her brother-in-law suffering from alzheimer’s because she questions the care he is being given. She is shocked when she realizes Bev, his wife, is actually preparing dinner for a date with her boyfriend downstairs while her husband sits upstairs oblivious. Tensions rise when Tracey attempts to remove Dane from the home and Bev resists. After Bev lays out the all the harsh realities of caring for a person with dementia, she then decides to let Tracey take him, but with one caveat, she is not bringing him back. If Tracey can’t care for him, the next stop is a nursing home. Things are not as black and white as Tracey thought and she has the decision of her life to make…