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Sphere Of Life

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Sphere of Life is an eight-minute short film that offers an introspective view of the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. It is a region that has witnessed transcendental and dramatic changes in its territorial dimension: where there once existed a ocean of low depth and high salinity, is now distinguished by a biodiversity of cacti and succulents unique in the world. Plagued with ammonites and fossil remains, this reserve extends between the south of the state of Puebla and the north of Oaxaca; Contains traces of the great dinosaurs who came to inhabit it. Between the giant biznagas and enormous cacti, there is a species that gives sustenance to others; The actor Humberto Zurita gives life to the protagonist of this environmental saga, the elder "Elephant Foot Tree"; Narrated in the first person, this endemic tree shows us its relation with other species of a unique habitat in the world, with the presence of pumas, coyotes, golden eagles and a number of insects and arachnids . This short film appeals to docufiction, and to the ludic inductive method, as a way to explore environmental contents that awaken the appetite to know, value and safeguard a heritage that belongs to us, and distinguishes the biodiversity of Mexico.