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Ra: Part 1

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Audience Awards

This film competed in
Art Montana Video Contest

Director(s): Gina Sgrenci

This is the first edit of a larger film that is still in progress. Dance artist Gina Sgrenci has collaborated with local dancers, costume designers, and a film crew to create a dance for camera. Living in harmony with the natural world and investigating its mystery has been a priority of civilizations for thousands of years. They have achieved this connection through story, ritual, and unique cultural tradition. Some may argue that currently, we lack this connection. It is my work in the world at large to create beauty, emanate the incredible earth we live on, and inspire the the spark of that primal connection to source that resides in all of us. Recently, this work has come about through a film, “Ra,” that has wanted to be created with specific artists residing in the community and environment of the gorgeous city of Missoula located in North Western Montana. The connection between dance and ritual is a close one; this is another way that humans have investigated natural mystery, and communed with nature. and I hope to bring the concepts of bringing the art of ritual back to the lives of people. Thank you for your interest in our project, movement, and vision.

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