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Warning! This film includes Violence, Strong Language

Other Side

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Director(s): Tyler Winther & Steve Darby

Set in 1970’s Los Angeles, a man desperate to get his family out of poverty turns to crime in hopes of making enough money to give them a better life. On the other side, a rookie cop is trying to make a name for himself fresh out of the academy. The two forces meet and face off in a battle of survival. In the aftermath, each side must face the consequences of their actions. The entire short was shot on Super 8 film provided by and processed at Pro8mm in Burbank, CA. CAST: Curtis Case, Josh Marquez, Geordie Kiefer, Sallies Sesay, Aerial J. Washington, Ina King, Bret Correll, Blake Reading, Robert Dextradeur, and Tyler Winther. Directed by Tyler Winther & Steve Darby. Written by Tyler Winther. Cinematography by Steve Darby. Produced by Blake Reading, Robert Dextradeur, Tyler Winther, and Steve Darby. Original Score by Jon O'Hara. Sound Recording - Moises Ignacio Garcia. Sound Mixing - Terah Bishop Woodley II. 1stAC/Gaffer/Magician - Nash Dutton. Set PA's - Matteo Jin, Evan Fonseca, Alan Peterson, and Walter Moran.