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Now I Am Become Death

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In the year 2040 the world has split once again between East and West, and is at the height of a second Cold War. Faced with an impending oil crisis the West has acquired all known oil resources, thus holding a monopoly on the world’s supply. Utilising this as a means to destroy their Eastern enemy through economics they unwittingly force the hand of the P.S.R (Peoples Socialist republic). It has now been brought to attention that the P.S.R is on the verge of unlocking the secrets to cold fusion, providing their empire with clean and limitless energy, one that would see them quickly surpass their Western rivals. The leaders of the W.A.D (Western Alliance of Democracy) meet to discuss their next steps of tackling this threat to western civilisation. With those who would argue that appeasement is the only viable course of action, and those that would argue for war.

  • Fascinating