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Lifting the Veil on Pollution in China

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In this video, we visit Ma Jun of Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) in China, where he is lifting the veil on pollution. Watch and see how rapid economic progress in China has come at a steep cost—severe degradation of the environment. In the past, communities had no way to track or report industrial pollution. Ma Jun addressed this gap by creating tools for people to access information about the land, air, and water around them using existing government data. The result has been increased public participation in environmental governance, resulting in nearly 2,000 factories taking action to clean up their operations. IPE also promotes sustainable global supply chains by getting large corporations and multinationals like Apple, Hewlett Packard, H&M, and Gap to monitor the environmental performance of their suppliers. This innovative, encompassing approach to transparency allows people in China to play a central role in improving the health of their communities, helps people around the world make environmentally responsible consumer decisions, and helps consumers and brands make greener purchasing decisions. http://www.ipe.org.cn/en/default.aspx