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Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens - Due to the recent arrival of undocumented immigrants, the city of Simpletown holds a special session city council meeting to determine if the town should officially ban the new visitors. Directed by Justin & Kristin Schaack Written by Justin Schaack, Kristin Schaack, & Logan Martin Produced by David Bowler and Justin & Kristin Schaack Cast: Bick Smith, Caitlin Weber, Adam Ruben, Adrienne Thomas, Andra Knox, Jr. Sam Heyn, Logan Martin, Rob Andersen

Justin & Kristin

Justin & Kristin Schaack

Justin & Kristin Schaack [that’s us] are a directing duo that have been making films together for over 15 years. We’re a married team that began our creative partnership in the theater waaaaaay-off-broadway: 6th grade, middle school productions. /filmmakers

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