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Galco s Soda Pop Stop

16 Votes

This short film focuses on a small independent grocery store in Highland Park, CA. Galco's Soda Pop Stop is the go-to place in southern California for the soda connoisseur. Offering 100's of small batch sodas produced by independent bottlers, many often thought to no longer be in business. Owner, John Neese, has dedicated his life to making this place his life. Focusing on helping the independent soda producer, while bringing a wider selection of brands and flavors to his store vs. what is found in many leading grocery store chains. Galco's stand out as the very definition of a small business. There is only one location and there has only been one location since 1897. That location has changed in Los Angeles over it's very long history here, but there has only been one store. John's spirit and dedication to making Galco's succeed is amazing. he seldom gets a vacation and is at the store almost every day from open until close. he makes sure the place is running smoothly, and customers are always happy. Never taking a break means always taking time to talk with new distributors and soda producers from around the country and the world to bring new products and flavors to his store. A true inspiration in the world of small business.