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Fragile Beauty A Visual Journey

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This film competed in
Female Filmmakers Film Festival

"Fragile Beauty", A Visual Journey Traveling to the remote Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia Alan Kaplan and Wendy Stuart discover a culture of tribal people who worship, live, dress, and adorn themselves as they have for centuries. The question is, "how different are they than us and how long will they remain that way?" Join us as we discover their colorful and often extreme fashion, traditional body paintings, the meaning of they're elaborate piercings and a how their ordinary lives are being forced to change. Today they live with the challenges of living in a developing world where their attempts to sustain their unique and diverse culture is already being threatened. These are beautiful people who are holding back as they are forced to accept current lifestyles of the outside world. Fragile Beauty a short film by Wendy Stuart & Alan Kaplan Hosted, Narrated, Produced and Locations by Wendy Stuart Kaplan Video, Still, Photography by Alan Kaplan Location: Southern Omo Valley Ethiopia contact information: voicemail: (917) 703-6688 email: fluffie26@hotmail.com & roosters@ptd.net

  • Beautiful
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  • Fascinating
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