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Chloe Wine Collection

This film competed in
The She Directed Filmmaker Contest

This is a clip from a film that I wrote and directed in response to being in a nearly all male writers group that consistently created material peppered with a plethora of d#%k jokes. Instead of quitting the group out of my sincere eye rolling annoyance at all the low brow stereotypical male narratives, I wrote a film about bikini waxing (which secretly felt like a double middle finger to every d#%k joke I sat through.) On a personal note, the beauty of this experience is that I didn't jump ship when it would have been the easier choice, but instead used the fuel of my angst to write my very first film. Just as lovely, the other writers in the group loved Elegance and offered to produce it for me. They also encouraged me to bring in more work highlighting my own voice. Balance was restored, women's stories were being written and I had the opportunity to write and/or direct three more shorts produced by this group.