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Dear Abby

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Dear Abby, just keep being you. Tribute to American advice column 'Dear Abby', founded in 1956 by Pauline Phillips (1918 - 2013) under the pen name, Abigail Van Buren. 'Dear Abby' is a refreshing story of a modern agony aunt, who becomes so obsessed with becoming an online 'people pleaser' that she forgets about her real problems. Despite living in an age of social media, where seeking for external validation in the form of 'likes' and comments becomes the norm, and interpersonal relationships are long forgotten - Abby's story is a reminder for this data-driven generation to cherish the people and things around us that truly matter. Directed by Faith Lee Starring: Evelyn Howe Gracia Fung with Jonathan Gu Screenplay by: Faith Lee Director of Photography: Faith Lee Editor: Faith Lee Music by: Francisca Lam, Faith Lee