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Daughter - The Reason I Am Scared

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Chloe Wine Collection

This film competed in
The She Directed Filmmaker Contest

About the film: We all live in this constant fear that we don't even know is real or imaginary. Especially, if you are a woman and you have a daughter, the faceless monster is way more haunting. About us: We are the group of independent filmmakers who came up together for this project with the enthusiasm to tell a story that we wanted to tell. The kind of story that exist around, we hear them, we feel them so we have to keep our eyes open and see them in a different light. Starring: Samuna KC Medina Geyer D.O.P: Lynn Weissman Editor: Prasun Sindhuliya Writer: Saayad Ashok Director: Samuna KC Special thanks to Tejas Patil who did all the works for the still photography.