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Credentials for Modern Learning

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Blackstone LaunchPad at Montana State University

This film competed in
Idea Challenge

Luke and Nes describe the future of education and employment! Transcription: Universities have long been the trusted source of education, however, there is a growing number of powerful tools for online learning; the only problem is, there is no trusted way to prove competency to prospective employers. Our goal is to design a streamlined system of trust that provides proof of competency for any career field by using gamified, incentive driven skill tests and creative project reviews. Imagine you want to become a programmer for Company x, but 1.) you have no legitimate way to prove your skills 2.) you don’t even know where to begin learning and 3.) you do not have the resources for college. If our system was trusted by company x, you would simply go on their website and see a list of symbols and numerical values that are only earned through our proprietary system of achievement and testing. Then you could go to our website, find the badges and numerical values requested by Company X and prove your skills with tests that evaluate your knowledge of the subjects. The tests would be paid for by the user only if they pass the tests and want the credentials. During the tests, we will use an automated webcam, screen share, and audio monitoring system to verify that the user is not being aided by outside influence. The platform would be designed as a progressive web app that works on all devices and uses caching for offline access. Profiles would require a simple username and password. At our own MSU campus only about 50% of students graduate, and over half of those that do graduate take longer than 4 years. This is not because students are uninterested in learning. It is just that colleges are inefficient at keeping up with the modern world. We want to put education into the hands of students so that they can learn in their own way at their own pace.