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Beyond 10th Mark

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Samy's Camera

This film competed in
Stories Of Hope

Director(s): Joseph Buenabajo Bornilla

This Mother's Day, the world will celebrate again the number one hero in our lives. What if Suzanne Nelson cannot make it?

Suzanne is like any ordinary but super mother and a grandmother; she had work before, goes to church, shops to stores, performs daily house chores, attends to daily needs as a wife and the list goes on. She is a superwoman only facing a different kind of battle.

How can a cancer patient still find time to play a sport as physically demanding as dragon boat racing? Ask that to Suzanne and she'll tell you everything! She was diagnosed with cancer exactly a decade ago, but that didn't stop her to be physically active. A member of the LA Pink Dragons, a team of dragon boat racers battling with cancer, she stands out as the only member of the group dealing with stage 4 cancer (everyone else is in stage 3, 2 or 1). Her story, which is featured in this short film, is one of faith and determination; two things that we need in order to survive the tempestous waves that come our way.

This film clearly wishes to give all of us HOPE... most esp to those who face adversities & afflictions in life. Be like Suzanne whose faith & determination to live have endowed her the power to fight the Big C! This film will hopefully make all of us be 101 optimistically powerful. 

  • Courageous
  • Informative
  • Inspiring