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A tourist summons Athena back to life by visiting the Parthenon. Little do we know their love is rekindled after eons. He is a gladiator and a former admirer. This was a novel way to make an industry comeback after years of absence and I did it with the help of fellow students at NSI TAFE 2014 doing a course in Media & Screen, Sydney, Australia. My project was the last one on the slate, panic set- in as we only had 3 hrs studio time left to complete the project. I am grateful for all the support from my College teachers; Margaret Purcell, Wolfgang Rochelle, Linda Gahan,Gabrielle Betteridge,and fellow students (the crew),Catherine Milne, Karen (Kaz) Masters, Sam Wellard, Josiah Faucette and but none but not least the beautiful cast of Lucia La Bon and Warren Yee who put in a wonderful performance.