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Across the River

Iulia Nastase


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Audience Awards

This film is competing in
Female Filmmakers Film Festival

Across the River

Across the River offers a modern and romantic insight about former and present conflicts between Romanians and Russians in the Republic of Moldova(former Romanian territory until 1947). The frontiers of this world keep on changing and within all these movements, all these readjustments, the people’s feelings stay the same. The same actions, the same loves, the same sensations, the same drives, the same fires, the same dances of seduction, the same shy steps and impetuosity. It is the eternal song of love, yet so refreshing, love which never gets old. It is that kind of love that doesn’t care about boundaries imposed by politics, by petty interests. We cannot deny the love existing between two lovers as we cannot deny the union of two territories that speak the same language, that have the same history and that pulsate at the same rhythm.

  • Beautiful
  • Courageous
  • Fascinating


Iulia Nastase

I am a young Romanian actress and director who speaks a few foreign languages and who lives in Canada. After helping a friend for the writing of a scenario in 2015, I decided to put in words what I felt and to write my own scenarios. I think that /filmmakers

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