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A Stone of the Sun

416 Votes

Director(s): Kiyoshi Kurahara

A boy finds a shiny marble, and knowing that it belongs to a girl, takes it home. As he plays with it, his right hand balled into a fist with the index finger and pinkie standing straight up so that it looks like a fox. The story is depicted in silhouette, in images reminiscent of a shadow play.(13min. / JAPAN?2008) story, screenplay, music, edited, produced and directed by : Kiyoshi Kurahara (Kiyoshi Endo) Festivals & Awards Premiere Award 2008 (Japan) "Best Short Film, Best Trailer" Super Premiere Award 2009 (Japan) "Best Short Film of the Year" Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2009 (Japan) SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival 2009 (Japan) "Best Short Film / Kawaguchi Citizen Award" Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 2009 (USA) New York International Independent Film Festival 2009 (USA) "Best International Fantasy Short" Sukagawa International Short Film Festival 2010 (Japan) Nakanoshima Film Festival 2013 (Japan) Fukuoka Independent Film Festival 2013 (Japan) "Best Technical Award / Encouragement Award" Movie Grand-Prix 2013 (Japan)

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