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Audience Awards offers your existing short films a place to live and be seen - not just by your Aunt Martha. Providing something no other digital platform does, we introduce you to an international audience 150,000 strong who view and vote on your films. To make sure it’s not just audience choice, (sorry, Aunt Martha), your films are also judged by an elite panel of jurors. Audience awards and jury awards are just two ways we help you gain the exposure you deserve.

Your imagination will be fired
(and your career ignited)

We give you the opportunity to connect with visionary companies looking for high-quality storytelling made just for them. When you create authentic content geared toward a specific challenge for brands like GoDaddy, Hilton Worldwide and Kodak, it can push you and your career to new heights. Participation in our challenges burnish your reputation, build your reel, sharpen your skills and enhance your filmmaker powers and connections. Our 2016 filmmakers who produced high-quality video won their share of over $125,000 in cash.

Your filmmaker portfolio: a space for you to tell us about yourself and your team and upload your films, interviews, websites, IMDB pages and press. If you don’t have press to push, we’ve got you covered.

AudNews: our news source and blog, a resource for you to gain exposure with filmmaker features, articles about winners and Audience Awards’ filmmakers success. It’s also a place to learn more about your craft with articles, listacles, tips and tricks, equipment reviews and more. We feature you!

Audience Awards Film Festivals: at least 12 a year. Once a month or more Audience Awards launches a creative challenge in which you can enter your beautiful, provocative, hilarious films. Films created for Audience Awards video challenges have gone on to screen at prestigious festivals and win countless awards. This is what 2017 looks like:

Brand partnerships: perhaps one of the biggest tools in your kit. Over the years, Audience Awards has partnered with outstanding brands who see the value in high-quality content created just for them. These contests offer connection to a world that has been proven to monetize your talent in a huge, career-making way. Thanks to our brands, we have awarded over $1 Million dollars in cash and prizes since Audience Awards began in 2013.

Film School Program: deliberate outreach to the filmmakers of the future, giving the short films you make in school a chance for worldwide exposure, distribution and a platform to be seen by more than just your professors and classmates.

Contests Accepting Submissions