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Filmmaker Power Levels

The film slate color is determined by winning filmmakers, how many contests a filmmaker has competed in and films that they have uploaded.

Power Level 0

Filmmakers who have not competed but have a film uploaded to the site

Power Level 1

Filmmakers who have competed in one contests

Power Level 2

Filmmakers who have competed in 2 contests

Power Level 3

Filmmakers who have competed in 3 contests

Power Level 4

Filmmakers who have won a jury or audience award and/or who have competed in at least 4 contests on The Audience Awards. Power level 4s compete for free in all Audience Awards contests (except in any Doc Challenges)!

How do I increase my Filmmaker Power Level?

You increase your power level by competing in additional contests and/or winning 1st place in jury or audience awards contests. Your vote counts only 1x regardless of your power level.

Can I drop a Power Level?


Brand Power Levels

All brands have the same power level. The orange b icon indicates a brand on our site. Brands can't vote on video contests.

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