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How do I embed my film somewhere else?

Clicking the embed button will give you the code you need to place your film on another site.

I tried to vote on a film but the button is grey, what gives?

A grey vote button means you've already voted on that film today. Come back tomorrow and vote again, every vote counts!

How do I edit my film's title/description/picture?

Go to the Films tab under your Filmmaker Hub and on the film that needs editing select the pencil icon . You can now edit your film's content.

I need to take my film down from the site, how do I do that?

Sometimes other festivals require filmmakers to remove their film from the internet to compete. Hiding your film on The Audience Awards is easy, simply go to the My Films page and near the bottom of the film information you will see an eye icon . Simply click this icon and hide your film from viewing on the site. The film's title and cover image will still be on your profile but the film will not be available for viewing.

If you need to delete your film completely from The Audience Awards, select the trash icon .


Uploading a Film

How to upload a film?

  1. Create an account
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click the down arrow by your avatar or profile picture
  4. Click upload a film
  5. Follow the steps on the page


  1. Create an account
  2. You will be logged in automatically. Login
  3. Visit Submit Film

Recommended Video Format

Formats: mp4

Codecs: h.264

Ratio: 16:9, 1920x1080p

Size: < 1024 MB

What file formats can I upload?

We accept .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .wmv, .mpeg, .flv, .mov files.

How big can my file be?

Uploaded films can be no larger than 3 GB.

How long will it take to upload my film?

Upload time based on average US internet speed (10 mbps).
3Gb file: 44 Minutes
1Gb file: 14 Minutes
500mb file: 7 Minutes

If you live outside of the US or have internet below the average your upload times could range from 1-4 hours. Please account for this time and try to reduce your file size before uploading.

How big does my film's cover image need to be?

Images need to be 16x9 dimensions and a minimum of 850 px wide. If you aren't a photoshop wizard don't worry, you can upload a screenshot and crop it on our site.


Video Contests

How do I enter a video contest?

Go to our video contests page, find the video contest you wish to compete in and select "Enter Now." You will then have to select or upload the film you wish to enter, agree to the video contest's terms and conditions and pay the video contest's entry fee (if applicable).

Do some video contests have different rules than others?

Yes, it is important to carefully read the rules for each video contest, before you submit your film. For example, some video contests will allow you to submit work you've already completed and some will ask you to create something new, specifically for the video contest.


Getting Paid

How and when will I get paid?

You will receive payment via PayPal within 60 days from the close of your video contest.

If you win $600 or more, you will need to submit a W9 for tax purposes.

We will use the email you provided when you signed up to send your payment to you through PayPal. If you have a different PayPal email address, you need to provide it when your video contest closes or before.

If you do not want to receive payment through PayPal, you must notify us within one day of the video contest closing of the correct mailing address and we will mail a check within 60 days of the video contest closing.

If I win the jury award, how can I use my site credit?

Site credit on The Audience Awards may be used for anything with a fee including but not limited to:



How often can I vote?

Members are allowed to vote on as many films as they like, every day. You can vote for a film multiple times, but only one time per day.

Why do I need to SMS Verify?

Every user must be SMS verified to vote. This ensures our video contests are fair and users can only vote once per day. We will never use or share your phone number.



How do I create a playlist?

You can create a playlist by selecting "Add to Playlist" while on the film page or the icon then selecting "Add to Playlist" while on Film Library page. There will be a popup on the screen. Under the header labeled "Or create a new playlist" type in the new playlist name, select genres that apply to this playlist and click "Create Playlist and Add Film".

How do I add a film to a playlist?

While watching a film scroll over the film and click the icon. The popup that apears will have a list of your current playlists. Click on the playlist you want to add the film to.


While browsing our film library click on the , select the "add to playlist" text, then select the playlist you would like to add it too from the popup that appears.

How do I edit (change cover image and remove films) or delete a playlist?

While logged in to your account hover over the in the top right corner of the screen. Click the "My Playlists" option. Find the playlist you would like to edit and click the icon. Within this page you can update the cover of the playlist, remove films, and delete the playlists altogether.


Profile and Hub?

What determines what I see on my Dashboard?

Your dashboard content is determined by the people you follow on the site. Follow interesting people and films and watch your dashboard light up!

How do I follow people?

Select the icon next to people on the Dashboard or their profile page.

How do I follow video contests?

Select the icon next to the film title on the Dashboard.

How do I follow films?

Select the icon on the film page.

How do you get into the Filmmaker Spotlight?

We allow our users to choose to be featured on our site. You can pay to be featured when you enter a video contest or at any time by clicking the "Get Featured" button.

How do I edit my profile?

If you are a filmmaker go to your filmmaker hub. Here you can set all your profile information including website and social links.

Or if you are a voter select Edit Profile in the drop down menu below your profile picture.



What is audNews?

Our blog, audNews, is our entertainment news site, by and for the audience. Our latest stories get posted on www.audnews.com as well to The Audience Awards.

How do I get featured on audNews?

Get Featured on audNews

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